Q&A: what is the best natural cure for toe fungus?

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Question by surferob: what is the best natural cure for toe fungus?
my big left toe is yellowing and is aproximately 1/8″ thick; how can I cure this?

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Answer by Abby
Well, it’s not a natural cure, but spray lysol on it. This isn’t a joke to make your toe burn or something, toe fungus runs in the family. Gross, I know.

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What is the BEST natural cure for acne?

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natural cure
by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden

Question by popcorn731: What is the BEST natural cure for acne?
ok im a male soz i need male products but i’v had a acne problem for a long time and cant seem to get ride of it I’v been trying water but water is kinda hard to drink during school. and so i figured that i would ask the smart people of yahoo!

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Answer by Elena P
i have had acne for 3 years and my suggestion is to go to a dermatolgest!!!, i just started going and they gave me a medicine called acutane it works great i cant see almost any pimples!!

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What is the best natural cure for insomnia?

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natural cure
by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden

Question by gangstress702: What is the best natural cure for insomnia?
It is for my 17 year old who is on several medications.
thank you joette i will check that out tomorrow. i should also note that my child is extremely tired but just can’t sleep. the medication the doctors put her on made her gain an excessive amount of weight. i worry about her heart. thank you

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Answer by ruthie_alison
Valerian. However do consult your pharmacist to see if it is okay and no conflict with the other meds your son is on. Otherwise Kavakava. They are both natural. Also I have heard Melatonin (which yes apparently you can get in a pill for sleep!). Hope those suggestions help, but DO consult your pharmacist for herbal/medical adversities…

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What is the best natural cure for Acne?

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Question by ross: What is the best natural cure for Acne?
I have had acne on and off for years now and can’t seem to get rid. Anyone got any effective suggestions. Please don’t say normal regular washing.

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Answer by ‘BabeS,x
Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifoliais tree from Australia. It is very effective against Acne as it contains bacteria-fighting substances called Terpenes. Acne is often caused by bacteria and the Terpenes either outright kill them or weaken them enough to be destroyed by protective antibodies. There are very little side effects from using Tea Tree Oil.

Aloe Vera
The watery gel from Aloe Vera plant is also a highly effective natural cure against Acne. The enzyme-rich gel has very soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can also be taken internally and helps clean up and detox the digestive tract. This in turn can help clear up the skin.

Zinc is taken in the form of capsules. It helps to strengthen the human immune system and to repair the skin.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A tablets are also a natural and effective Acne cure. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E also helps in countering Acne. It is a natural antioxidant and beneficial for the skin. Vitamin E comes in soft gelatin capsules that contain Vitamin E, Soybean Oil, Glycerin, and Water.

Some Natural Homemade Cures to counter Acne
The most important thing to do if you suffer from Acne is to drink at least four pints of water every day. Drinking a lot of water is very beneficial to your skin. Including fresh fruit and leafy green vegetables in your daily diet will also bring about a marked improvement in the quality of your complexion.

Before bathing, apply a mixture of tomato pulp – real tomota pulp, not packaged one – honey and rose-water to your face and keep for twenty minutes before washing off.

At night, before going to bed, apply a mix of cream, glycerine, and lemon juice to your face and again keep it on for a short while before washing.

Regular Yoga exercises will also improve skin and overall health.

Things to Avoid
Avoid touching your face all the time, keep your hair away from your face, and avoid picking at pimples.

Another important thing if you’re prone to Acne is to avoid using heavy make-up – in fact, it is preferable to avoid make-up altogether. For an effective cure, stay as natural as possible.

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What is the best natural cure for dandruff and hair loss?

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natural cure
by oedipusphinx — — — — theJWDban

Question by blitz_krieg: What is the best natural cure for dandruff and hair loss?
No time to visit a barber or saloon n sit there for hours. Give home remedies….

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Answer by anonymous
Read this:

Plagued by dandruff? Cheesed off by those dry white flakes that just keep dropping off your head providing you with your own mini snowfall in the midst of a sultry Indian summer? You are not alone. In fact, research suggests that more people have dandruff than those who do not.?

Here?s what you can do to keep dandruff at bay so that you too can dare to wear black without having to furtively dust your shoulders every now and then. First, let us find out what causes this condition:


There are many theories regarding the cause of dandruff.?

Dead skin
One theory suggests that dandruff is a natural process, and is caused by the flaking of the scalp. Just as the body sheds dead skin, so does the scalp. When this skin is shed at an excessive rate, it leads to dandruff.?

Oily skin
It is a widely held belief that dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. However, this is not always the case, and dandruff is just as often caused by an oily scalp. The excessive oil forms a layer on the scalp, which dries, thickens and flakes off in the form of dandruff.?

If you exercise regularly, you perspire more, which could also lead to dandruff, especially if you do not shampoo as often as you should.?

Certain forms of dandruff are also believed to be caused by a fungus on the scalp. It is believed that this fungus cannot be removed completely. Thus, dandruff too cannot be completely eradicated, only controlled.?

Other factors include:

Cold weather
Use of hair sprays and gels
Certain conditioners
Improper shampoo rinsing
Infrequent hair washes
Don?t ignore the dandruff, because ignoring it only leads to more build-up. This causes itchiness, which leads to you scratching your hair. Vigorous scratching can cause wounds to the scalp, leaving them vulnerable to infection.?

If you have mild dandruff, you could try increasing the frequency of your hair washes. The rule of thumb is the more frequently you shampoo, the less dandruff you will have. If necessary, shampoo daily with a mild shampoo, to keep dandruff in check.?

If your hair is dry but your scalp is oily, you may be hesitant to shampoo more often. Try this: wet your entire hair, but apply shampoo essentially to your scalp. Let the shampoo lightly run over your entire hair when you are rinsing it off your scalp, giving your locks a gentle wash.?

If mild shampoos don?t work, and if your dandruff is severe, use a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo which contains selenium sulfide to wash your hair. Use it sparingly, as anti-dandruff shampoos tend to be strong. After applying it, leave it on for at least five minutes before washing it off, to give the formula time to work.?

After applying shampoo, massage your scalp lightly with your fingertips to loosen the scales.?

The shampoo could be used on its own, or mixed with your regular shampoo. You could also alternate an anti-dandruff shampoo with your regular shampoo. Once the dandruff has gone, switch to your regular shampoo.?

Help from your kitchen shelf

White vinegar is an excellent remedy for dandruff. Mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of water, and pour this over your scalp after your hair wash, as a final rinse.?
FALLING HAIR – by Meenal

Does your hair fall a lot? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Millions of people from all around the world suffer from dry, brittle and weak hair. Some of the possible reasons for falling hair are:

Too much work
Poor diet
Over-exposure to the sun
Amateur bleaching
Too frequent and inexpert use of tints, rinses or other colourants

Here is what you can do to prevent hair fall

Shampoo regularly. Remember, a CLEAN scalp is a HEALTHY SCALP.

Brahmi amla oil also promotes hair growth.

A high protein diet with plenty of fruits, green vegetables and dairy products is a must.

Drink 10-12 glass of water everyday.

Use a very mild shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a week. When you do, make sure you rinse out the conditioner thoroughly, otherwise residue build-up will cause your hair to look limp and dull.

Know your vitamins! IRON is important for healthy hair and brittle, limp hair indicates an iron deficiency. Spinach has a good iron content, so gulp it down!

ZINC helps prevent hair loss and greying. Eat adequate zinc rich foods. Overweight people tend to have zinc deficiency, which is inversely related to the body mass index. Thus if you are overweight and if your hair falls too much, you may want to increase your intake of zinc containing foods. Recipes containing stone ground, wholegrain flour are rich in zinc.

A shortfall in VITAMIN B may cause dandruff, falling hair, loss of colour and could encourage grey hair. So B group Vitamins are essential for gloss, colour and thickness.

VITAMIN C ensures the health of capillaries supplying blood to hair follicles. Make sure your diet includes plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

VITAMIN E encourages hair growth. Switch from refined flours to wholemeal and wheatgerm, eggs, vegetable oil.

COPPER stops hair from falling. Studies show that the copper content in the blood serum of people with falling hair is less than normal. Different types of alopecia (falling hair) are seen to have a deficiency of this important trace element. Include small quantities of nuts, especially cashews and peanuts, seeds, whole milk and beans in your diet as these contain minute but important amounts of copper.

Homemade remedies for preventing hair fall:

Apply almond oil on scalp and massage.
Grind fenugreek seeds in water and apply on your scalp. Wash off after 40 minutes. Do this every morning for a month ¡V if it suits you! Remember, different treatments suit different types of hair.
Massage warm castor oil + almond oil into your scalp gently. Wrap a hot towel around your scalp so it gets absorbed into the hair. Do this twice a week for healthy, shiny hair.
Add 2-3 drops of honey to a glass of water and use this as the last rinse after shampooing.

Quick Hair Care Conditioner

Mix 1 egg, 2 tbs castor oil, 1 tsp vinegar and 1 tsp glycerine. Beat until frothy and massage lightly into your scalp. Wrap your head in a hot towel, steam, then wash off. This conditioner makes hair thicker, shiny, soft and manageable.

Honey Conditioner

Beat 1-2 eggs (depending on the length of the hair), 1 tsp honey and 2 tsp olive oil. Massage gently into the scalp. Steam, and shampoo after an hour.

Alcohol Conditioner

Beat 1-2 eggs with 2 tsp brandy. Massage into your scalp. Leave for 10-15 mins. Rinse well. The egg nourishes your hair and brandy stimulates hair growth.

Your hair is a vital beauty asset, requiring constant loving care. And with a little nurturing, lush, glossy hair will be yours.

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Q&A: What is the best natural cure for sinusitis?

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natural cure
by Beverly & Pack

Question by rolo5984: What is the best natural cure for sinusitis?
I suffer from chronic sinusitis and after 6 years of doctors and E.N.T’s im sick of medicine so im attempting to treat/soothe the problem naturally if possible. any suggestions are welcome.

Best answer:

Answer by joieanew
Sinusitis is treated with medications and home treatment measures, such as applying moist heat to your face. The goals of treatment for sinusitis are to:

Improve drainage of mucus and reduce swelling in the sinuses.
Relieve pain and pressure.
Clear up any infection.
Prevent the formation of scar tissue, and avoid permanent damage to the tissues lining the nose and sinuses.
Medications may be used to treat sinusitis, especially when it is caused by a bacterial infection. There are varying lengths of treatment with medications—treatment may be as short as three days or last as long as several weeks or more. Medications most often used to treat sinusitis include a combination of:

Antibiotics, such as amoxicillin, which kill bacteria.
Decongestants, such as pseudoephedrine hydrochloride, which reduce the swelling of the mucous membranes in the nose.
Analgesics, such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen, to relieve pain.
Corticosteroids, such as beclomethasone dipropionate or prednisone, which reduce inflammation in the nasal passages. These medications may also be used as an inhaled nasal spray.
Mucolytics, such as guaifenesin, which thin the mucus.
With chronic sinusitis, there is no cure, you’re never really free from symptoms and always have a low level of sinusitis symptoms. The best recommendation is an allergy medication such as allegra. Keep humidifiers in you home and air fileres to help redue the risk or recurrences.

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Q&A: What is the best natural way cure uneven skin tone?

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Question by what’s that noise????: What is the best natural way cure uneven skin tone?
i have pretty uneven skin tone (hyperpigmentation) and i juts need to know some natural ways to cure it.

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Answer by mission_viejo_california
NewsTarget.com printable article
Originally published March 6 2005
New skin serum to provide eight times the normal dose of antioxidant protection
by Mike Adams

SkinCeuticals, Inc. released a press release launching their newest skin treatment. The new serum is said to provide eight times the antioxidant protection of similar products. Many individuals young and old suffer from free radical oxidative stress, and this product helps combat the day to day stresses that most endure.

* SkinCeuticals, Inc., manufacturer of scientifically-advanced skincare products and leader in topical antioxidant and sun protection technologies, announces the launch of C E FERULIC serum.
* Available March 1, 2005, this breakthrough combination antioxidant treatment contains L-Ascorbic Acid (pure vitamin C), Alpha Tocopherol (pure vitamin E), and Ferulic Acid and provides an unprecedented 8-fold photoprotection (measure of a product’s ability to neutralize free radicals and protect against oxidative stress).
* This is the highest level ever available, delivering 8 times the skin’s natural antioxidant protection.
* A new antioxidant cocktail that protects, prevents AND repairs, making it the ideal choice for both younger skin to fend off photoaging and for more mature skin to diminish the appearance of existing damage.
* Environmental assailants including UVA and UVB rays, air pollution, cigarette smoke, and poor diet create damaging free radicals and lead to premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and loss of elasticity.
* Sheldon R. Pinnell, MD, professor emeritus of dermatology, Duke University Medical Center, most recently presented his findings at the 63rd annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology held February 2005.
* Dr. Pinnell is a consultant to SkinCeuticals, exclusive provider of this patent-pending technology.
* Secondly, consumers are generally unaware that SPF is only a measurement of UVB (burning) rays and have a false sense of security when wearing a high SPF sunscreen.
* No other antioxidant technology has been shown to deliver comparable levels of anti-aging protection: * PROTECT skin from oxidative, environmental stresses that cause premature signs of aging.

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What is the best natural cure for chapped skin around a labret piercing? It’s a year old and healed.?

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Question by bewitchedkittie: What is the best natural cure for chapped skin around a labret piercing? It’s a year old and healed.?
Had to remove my labret stud with jewelry pliers as I got my ball stuck and now the skin on the front is chapped and irritated from the friction. Piercing is healed and fine but I’d rather use natural products. Any ideas on something to moisturize the area and numb the stinging?

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Answer by gypsygirl
smith’s rosebud salve from walgreens

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What is the best natural cure once you have an onset clogging in your heart arteries?

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natural cure
by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden

Question by L. AP ya u know me!: What is the best natural cure once you have an onset clogging in your heart arteries?
I would like to share my exceptionally dire situation in the whole planet. I am steadfast that there’s something wrong happening in my heart’s artery system. WHY? i have chest pains, shortness of breath, confused. I am relatively well informed re heart diseases and I don’t wanna listen to advice like “go see a doctor!” because I’d taken three sojourned with different physicians and all prognosis & tests e.g. 2d echo & ekg came nil of a problem. The last physician advised me for stress test which i deliberately defied cause i know that there is indeed something wrong with me. I wouldn’t be feeling all of these if i’m in tip top condition! That’s why it made me deduced that these happenings are merely outlandished. Just recently, im suffering a tinitus? Btw, does the latter beckons any relativity with heart problems? Well guys, i need advice on the natural way to declog my arteries e.g. eat gloves of garlic, exercise, change lifestyle…& what other very very natural & essential tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Catamaran
Heart disease is a killer. A lot of your risk for developing life threatening heart disease depends on your risk factors such as age, sex, family history, smoking, obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Depending on the presencee or absence of these factors you can be risk categorized. From that point on if you are someone who is in the moderate to high risk category, i would recommend that you comply with the recommendations of your physicians i.e. Stress test etc. to definitely rule out the presenc of heart disease.

Coming to your question about natural cure for ‘declogging ‘ arteries. To my knowledge at this time there exist many claims but not even one scientifically proven ‘natural cure’ to declog arteries after the onset of significant atherosclerosis.
So my suggestion is that you stick with the recommendations of your physicians. Hope this helps.

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What is the best natural cure for a stomach ulcer?

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natural cure
by Mr eNil

Question by musongmwansa: What is the best natural cure for a stomach ulcer?
I have a perpetual pain in my stomach and I know it is an ulcer as it is consistant of one. I have been to the doctors and it is priscriptions after priscriptions. How best can I cure this myself?

Best answer:

Answer by oldtimekid2
Well, DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice) is very beneficial for helping with ulcers and helping to soothe the esophagus, stomach, and intestinal tract. Obviously, checking with a doctor would be your best bet, but there are a lot of people that get a lot of benefits from that. Good luck!

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