What is the best natural cure for Acne?

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Question by ross: What is the best natural cure for Acne?
I have had acne on and off for years now and can’t seem to get rid. Anyone got any effective suggestions. Please don’t say normal regular washing.

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Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifoliais tree from Australia. It is very effective against Acne as it contains bacteria-fighting substances called Terpenes. Acne is often caused by bacteria and the Terpenes either outright kill them or weaken them enough to be destroyed by protective antibodies. There are very little side effects from using Tea Tree Oil.

Aloe Vera
The watery gel from Aloe Vera plant is also a highly effective natural cure against Acne. The enzyme-rich gel has very soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can also be taken internally and helps clean up and detox the digestive tract. This in turn can help clear up the skin.

Zinc is taken in the form of capsules. It helps to strengthen the human immune system and to repair the skin.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A tablets are also a natural and effective Acne cure. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E also helps in countering Acne. It is a natural antioxidant and beneficial for the skin. Vitamin E comes in soft gelatin capsules that contain Vitamin E, Soybean Oil, Glycerin, and Water.

Some Natural Homemade Cures to counter Acne
The most important thing to do if you suffer from Acne is to drink at least four pints of water every day. Drinking a lot of water is very beneficial to your skin. Including fresh fruit and leafy green vegetables in your daily diet will also bring about a marked improvement in the quality of your complexion.

Before bathing, apply a mixture of tomato pulp – real tomota pulp, not packaged one – honey and rose-water to your face and keep for twenty minutes before washing off.

At night, before going to bed, apply a mix of cream, glycerine, and lemon juice to your face and again keep it on for a short while before washing.

Regular Yoga exercises will also improve skin and overall health.

Things to Avoid
Avoid touching your face all the time, keep your hair away from your face, and avoid picking at pimples.

Another important thing if you’re prone to Acne is to avoid using heavy make-up – in fact, it is preferable to avoid make-up altogether. For an effective cure, stay as natural as possible.

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3 Responses to “What is the best natural cure for Acne?”
  1. PrincessLaura says:

    Ok so i’ve had breakouts on my face for ages and i’ve only just found a natural brand that has cleared up my breakouts. Its called Liz Earle. Its made of natural ingredients and i know our probably thinking going the natural way wont work but it does because it helps your skin repair itself other then attacking it with harsh scrubs and creams.
    I use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish (Award Winning), the skin repairs light moisturizer and the toner at night.
    I also use some gentle/natural products from LUSH.
    Give it a go :):)

  2. Mukunda M says:

    .*Please read this response I received from feroz who had suffered from acne for 12 years and had tried countless treatments and only got rid of it completely using the simple home treatment given below.

    “From: frz187
    Subject: Re: hey mukunda this is feroz
    Message: mukunda thank you so much, im officially acne free after 2 1/2 weeks. if it wasnt for your advice i dont know what i would have done…one thing i noticed that helped me with mine was vigorously rubbing in olive oil washing it off then applying neat lavender oil to infected areas..”

    I’ve had incredible results simply massaging with essential oils. Oils such as olive, sweet almond, grape seed and lavender are good and have been used by skin specialists to successfully treat and cure acne. They do not clog and, cause breakouts and surprisingly, lessen skin’s over production of oils. Rid me of acne and healed ALL of my many (some severe) skin conditions and removed all blemishes and scars and gave me a totally clear, healthy and radiant skin.

    It’s best to quite vigorously massage into skin. In just two days you will start seeing results. Skin will start clearing and will also tighten, look and feel smoother and firmer.
    If focus massage on any scars, blemishes and make massage more vigorous this will greatly minimize them. Overtime massage will rid face of them all.
    Oils are perfect moisturizers. Do not remove. Simply splash face with water and dab dry with tissues. Does not leave face oily.
    Please contact me if need more details or clarification*

    SOURCE(S): 20+ years extensive research seeking safe natural treatments/cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation

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