What is the BEST natural cure for acne?

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by Joost J. Bakker IJmuiden

Question by popcorn731: What is the BEST natural cure for acne?
ok im a male soz i need male products but i’v had a acne problem for a long time and cant seem to get ride of it I’v been trying water but water is kinda hard to drink during school. and so i figured that i would ask the smart people of yahoo!

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Answer by Elena P
i have had acne for 3 years and my suggestion is to go to a dermatolgest!!!, i just started going and they gave me a medicine called acutane it works great i cant see almost any pimples!!

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  1. Bree Z says:

    Try tea tree oil, its all natural and not girly lol my boyfriend uses it. Just a tab at night should do. Or you can get actual cleansers from the body shop that are made from tea tree oil. Good luck

  2. May says:

    Tea Tree Oil and Witch Hazel are the best natural things that you can use for acne. Trust me, it works very well. It doesn’t cost much either. You just apply it twice a day and your acne will reduce quickly. Zinc is also very good. It’s a type of vitamin that can be found in multivitamins or separately. Have it once or twica a day. You will see results in one or more days.

  3. lithium138 says:

    The natural topical stuff should help , I just started using products with aloe in them and I’ve seen a nice improvement so far. Just remember initial breakouts might occur because when you use the cleansers/toners etc you are drawing out the toxins and they will appear as acne but give the products a month or two. If the topical treatments don’t work, you need to look into cleaning the toxins from the inside out (thats what accutane does but its very harsh and not natural) there are plenty of herbal treatments to read up on. Look at liver cleansing and strengthening herbs, the liver cleanses our bodies of toxins and the healthier that is the better your skin will be too. Milk thistle, burdock and dandelion are good choices to start (they have pills that combine all three). Good luck!

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