has anyone tried natural ways to cure their post partum depression ?

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Question by Maritza G: has anyone tried natural ways to cure their post partum depression ?
I would like to hear from women that have chosen natural methods to cure their ppd, i tried anti depressants and gave horrible side effects none worked for me.

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Answer by hereticismydayjob
Are you breastfeeding or taking other medication? If not, you can try St. John’s Wort, but it will transfer through breast milk and has been known to cause reactions to some medications.
Another think you can try is aromatherapy. For many people certain scents can induce a sense of well being or euphoria. For me it’s citrus, especially the smell of lemons. Try seeing if some place near you sells essential oils, or maybe some fragrant candles.

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  1. Oldie Hawn says:

    Oh honey, I am sorry you are suffering. It is very brave of you to ask for help. I don’t know of any specific PPD cures but I do know that light therapy works for people with depression. The light box costs about 200 bucks but it is really great especially in winter when there is little sunlight.
    What has your doc said? Please don’t go it alone 🙁

    I know of one website that has a peer to peer discussion of moms with PPd – maybe it will help: http://mdao.v-cc.com/postpartum/

  2. Sean M says:

    Read dale carnegie books…. trust me…. anti-depressants are drugs go natural your better off smoking weed

  3. ♥Instantkarma♥♫ says:

    Try omega 3 Joy.

  4. ☆ShiNe☆ says:

    Things that I did:
    -Go for walks
    -Look into my beautiful new daughters eyes(best thing that has happened in my life)
    -Let negative people and thoughts out of my life and mind
    -Prayed Prayed and prayed 2 god

    Now my daughter is 4 months and I cant be any happier!

    Let god bless you.

  5. poprocks_and_coke says:

    I have heard that suntanning can help with depression. I know a few people with depression that go to tanning beds regularly in the winter and it has helped them.

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