Natural ways to cure a bladder infection?

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by Rjabinnik and Rounien

Question by xavier: Natural ways to cure a bladder infection?
Are there any natural ways to cure a female bladder infection? Without going to the doctor? And if so how well do these usually work?

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Answer by Nat
Drink cranberry juice and lots of water. Also, buy ‘ural’ from a chemist ad drink with water. Have a salty bath….no soaps….

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2 Responses to “Natural ways to cure a bladder infection?”
  1. Drunk_Paramedic says:

    i was always told that cranberry juice was the natural way of getting rid of a bladder infection.
    i would still go to the doctor anyway. xx

  2. UK Oldie says:

    If you go to a Herbalist shop I think you will find various choices to solve this problem. The Herbalist serving you will be able to explain all about the benefits of each product. Best wishes. UK

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