What is the natural cure for the nervous colon ?

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Question by Fel Fel: What is the natural cure for the nervous colon ?
& is it real that it put pressure on the heart muscle?

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Answer by Dot Dot Dot
Don’t be so nervous

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  1. shubil24 says:

    Hi Dear,

    This health disorder called also Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    The good news is that Nervous Colon or IBS is not dangerous, so don’t you be worried.

    Besides, you can simply treat it yourself with the following:

    1- Food Habits: Avoid meats, dairy products, greasy snack foods, spicy fare and sweets especially sugar and caffeine. Also cooked protein, hydrogenated oils, concentrated sugars or other foods that are hard to digest, your colon can react—and not nicely . Instead, eat easy digestible food such as sweet potatoes, well-steamed green and yellow vegetables and bananas.

    2- Relaxation and Meditation: Progressive relaxation may reduce anxiety and help subdue the symptoms of IBS.
    Practising progressive relaxation for 15 to 20 minutes once each day for eight weeks. Then when the relaxation comes easily, use it whenever you feel stressed or anxious,

    3- Reduce the Stress: To lower stress, try a daily routine of breathing exercises, meditation and poses.
    Yoga Willl be the best exercise to be relaxed and avoid this abdomen troubles.

    I wish you wil get well soon.

    All The best


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