What is a natural cure for obsessive compulsive disorder?

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Question by Simple: What is a natural cure for obsessive compulsive disorder?
My best friend has an extreme case of OCD but refuses to see a psychologist and refuses to take medications.. Which is fine with me, but his OCD seems to get more extreme by the day. He thinks that these pointless things he does and pointless things he thinks about are necessary in life and he thinks something bad will happen if he doesnt do them. His conscience is taking over his actions and making him do repetitive, weird and obsessive things. What can I do to help him?

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counseling and behavior modification

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  1. Lady of Shalott says:

    I’m not sure that you can do anything for him. If he’s not willing to seek the obvious medical treatment that he needs, then there’e not much you can do. Sorry to say!

    He needs to establish himself with a General Practitioner for a check-up and then follow up with some psychiatric help, at least counseling if he won’t take medication.

    Good luck to you!

  2. CJ says:

    Keep encouraging him to seek professional help!!!

    In the mean time, meds may be a no-go, but how about some natural supplements or vitamins? Try a multi-vitamin that’s heavy on the B-vitamin content. An even better bet would be a supplement with 250 to 1000 mg of inositol (or inositol and choline together) which has been studied to have measurable results for folks suffering with OCD and anxiety. You can even get some of these supplements and multivitamins in liquid and/or powder form and offer your friend a healthy and tasty fortified smoothie a couple of times a week!

    Vitamins and Supplements I have experience with:

    Now Foods Lipo Trim is a good source of Inositol and Choline in pill form. They advertise it for weight loss, but after studying suggested inositol supplement levels for OCD on multiple health sites, I found and analyzed the ingredients in Lipo Trim and bought it for my OCD loved one. It has worked WONDERS and I have heard from several other OCD folks who swear by it.

    Nature’s Way Alive is a great multivitamin available in pill, powder and liquid varieties that provides a wide range of vitamins, including a healthy dose of B vitamins.

    New Chapter and Jarrow both make very good Vitamin B complexes in pill form with co-enzymes that aid in absorption and utilization (the New Chapter brand can be expensive but has many dedicated fans).

    Just be sure to keep an eye on the B-6 intake–make sure its no more than 100 mg a day. Most supplements won’t even come close to this level–100 mg is A LOT–unless you’re mixing things up, like taking a powdered multi-vitamin ON TOP OF a fortefied smoothie!

    My family often uses http://www.iherb.com to get vitamins and supplements if we can’t find them in the local heath food store. Always better to buy locally when posible, but thought I’d suggest it just in case.

  3. markles333 says:

    There are no efficacious natural remedies for OCD. You may hear recommendations like Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort, 5-HTP, GABA and DLPA, but none of these have supporting scientific evidence inthe treatment of OCD. It is a pernicious disorder that may require pharmaceuticals. I really hope your boyfriend reconsiders meds, because I was very much against them until I had a crisis that necessitate them. I wish I had started them earlier. But my case was severe, he may do well with simple ERP, Exposure, Response Prevention therapy.

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