What is a good all natural cure for migraines?

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Question by Cindy Waldroup: What is a good all natural cure for migraines?
I get migraines and I take preventive migraine medicine. It not pain medicine so I don’t have to worry about mixing medicines but I still do not want to take tylenol or advil or anything like that. I want a good all natural supplement to take which I could take to get rid of the occasional breakthrough pain.

Any suggestions would be nice.

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Answer by irene k
chex your blood sugar. when you get the results you wil know what to do.

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6 Responses to “What is a good all natural cure for migraines?”
  1. Natalie says:

    try rubbing in a circular motion the sides of your fore head, around where the eyebrows end at with your smooth fingers. my grandmother taught me this. i use it for when i feel really stressed or have a headache.
    try going to an alternative medicine clinic for many medicines for migraines.

  2. 2blest2Bstrest says:

    This is an excellent website to learn about migraines:

    God bless you

  3. Renata says:

    Hello, it can have many causes. Try ginger capsules + milk thistle caps+vit B5+ good sea minerals for 3 months.Some people have help from taking Vinpocetine caps(Olympian Labs) just when they feel coming pain.Good luck!

  4. Psychobenzaprine says:

    Seeing as how “natural” cures are all ineffective placebos, I’m afraid you’re going to have to either tough it out or (eeek!) go with some actual medication!

  5. Sudhakar B says:

    Put your feet in a bowl of hot water, and place an ice pack on your head.
    How it works:- Pressure on sensitive nerves is relieved as the cold constrict blood vessels
    in your head while the heat drawn blood down to the dilated vessels in your feet.
    Good luck and God bless. Cheers! :o)

  6. Phil Adams says:

    Cindy, try this natural migraine treatment:

    The medicines prescribed by the doctors are devised only to keep the pain in check. It does not prevent a recurrence of another episode. Further, it creates a dependence on drugs that are very harmful in a long term. Natural treatment usually involves a strict discipline that need to be followed for a period of time which will result in complete prevention of migraine recurrence.
    Here are some of the tips that can be followed to keep the pain at check:

    1. Breathing Exercise

    Breathing regulates the flow of blood and hence the oxygen supply to the brain and head region. Breathe slowly and deep so that you can focus away from the pain.

    2. Head/Eye Massage

    Gently massage your forehead with your fingers. Massage the acupressure points around the eye. It can offer a great relief from pain. Gently apply mild pressure and run your forefinger around the cavity of the eye.

    3. Aromatherapy

    Add a few teaspoons of essential oils of a preferable aroma to hot water in a bowl and take in the steam.

    4. Hot and Cold Treatment

    Take a towel and dip it in hot water. Gently rub and massage the painful areas with the towel. Keep the temperature of the towel to a level that feels comfortable. Some people prefer Cold water or ice cubes instead of hot water or steam. Find out what works best for you to bring you relief.

    5. Relaxation Music

    Choose mild instrumental music of your preference and listen to it. Also, guided relaxation tapes with a good music in the background could be used.

    Phil Adams

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