Is there a Natural cure for IBS?

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Question by nickelbackaddict69: Is there a Natural cure for IBS?
I am suffering from IBS and are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am currently on daily medications, a strict diet, and I am now exercising daily. The flare-ups are much fewer and far between but it is not totally gone yet. I tried some natural remedies before but they did not work for me. I tried Caltrate tablets, Pepermint softgels, chinese herb tea, fiber supplements, and Aloe Vera Softgels and I am still sick. Is there anything out there that I have not tried that really works?

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Answer by oldtimekid2
Have you tried probiotics? I’ve done a lot of research on IBS because both my mother and brother have it and they have both seen HUGE benefits from taking a good probiotic daily. They have both independently told me that they could easily notice when they missed a few days of the probiotics (like when they ran out or forgot).

It’s also common to develop irregularity after taking antibiotics for the same reason, but the probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that lives in your intestinal tract and helps your body absorb the nutrients in your intestinal tract, which helps regularity.
I’d recommend getting a good probiotic with at least 3-5 strains and at least 4-6 billion viable organisms per dose if not more… you may want to try a higher dose at first to replenish everything right away, too. Give it a try for just 1 month and I’m willing to bet you’ll notice a huge difference even within the first couple weeks. Oh, and expect loose stools for the first day or two if you’ve had antibiotics before… it’s perfectly normal as your body’s way of trying to balance itself out and clears up within a day or so.
Good luck and I hope I helped!

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  1. janie says:

    you might want to read this book

    I just got it for my sister in law with crohn’s after looking at it at the store

    I got one to read too and so far it is interesting. Look at the author on the is his before and after pictures..he had crohn’s which is in the same category as ibs and recovered.

    He also had chronic fatigue and a host of ills and nearly died and went to over 70 health care practitioners in 7 countries and his dad spent tens of thousand’s of dollars on him (his dad was actually a naturopath but nothing helped. Finally he recovered and tells how in this book in past by using the “maker’s diet”

    Another option might be going on doctor Richard Schulze’s incurables program..he has a save your life series of videos and a manual and has a section in the videos (case history) and in the book on this and like diseases.

    They are out of print but if you are interested., email me and I will send you the download links so you have them

  2. wait n see says:

    I suggested u try taking glyconutrients.
    My dad and mum have IBS.
    Sometimes so bad that my dad soiled his pants.

    Glyconutrients really work.
    If u interested to know more, email me at

  3. CassysTarot says:

    This depends on your doctor’s definition of IBS. Some doctor’s call chronic constipation IBS. If you suffer from IBS, meaning chronic diarrhea or frequent, soft bowel movements, you may try the following. Many people with IBS are deficient in Vitamin D. A good Vitamin D3 supplement is essential. But not the D2. Get the D3. To help control chronic diarrhea, try L-Carnitine. Only take a low dose. But get a quality brand. In the vitamin business, you get what you pay for. Cheap means it’s garbage. Get Solaray or Nature’s Plus. If you have chronic constipation, be aware of what can cause it. Calcium will set your gizzard like concrete, and so will Iron supplements. Be cautious about mixing prescription drugs with herbs. Do your homework.
    My Credentials: I have a Doctorate Degree in Natural Health, I owned and operated a Health Food store for several years, and have been a natural health consultant for years.

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