Can anyone suggest a good remedy (or natural cure) for backache?

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by Hari Prasad Nadig

Question by sandy_ami: Can anyone suggest a good remedy (or natural cure) for backache?
My friend has backache and is undergoing physiotherapy for the same. He does the physiotherapy exercises twice a day. However, it has not helped him much. He does not want to go in for surgery. Can anyone suggest a good effective home remedy/natural cure that he can try? Please answer based on your personal experience as to how successful the remedy you are recommending is. Thanks.

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Answer by frenchhornfreak
honestly, get more support when u sleep and rub it good. got to get the blood flowing

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11 Responses to “Can anyone suggest a good remedy (or natural cure) for backache?”
  1. Da Man says:

    Hey email me so we can talk about it my messenger isthe same as my email or just message me but i think that it is either back spasms or he pulled something on it so message me and we can talk about it

  2. JA says:

    Try the Europeon method of Cupping, they put glass cups on the sore spots and my mum use to use them for her bad back she always said it helped her.

  3. b_friskey says:

    I teach severely handicapped kids which involves a lot of lifting. I’ve been doing it for 25 years now and this is what I swear by when my back hurts. (not for severe spasms, but for overall end-of-the-day pain). I have some strong refrigerator magnets that I tape to the sore area on my back and within a few hours I am pain free. I’ve also used this on tendonitis in my foot and it works so well.

  4. Goldencondor says:

    Low back pain? I solved my pain very easily and overnight. I heard that a soft mattress is bad for your back for some reason and my back was progressively getting worse every day. In the end I had to give up my high paying job because the pain was so bad. Thats when someone told me about soft mattresses etc. The next day I inserted pine planks under my mattress so that it was dead straight. That night it felt a bit strange, but the freaking pain went away very quickly, in fact I was pain free for about 10 years after that, then I had another bacl pain episode when I twisted my back trying to lift something up. Ive been relatively free of back pain for the last 9 years, but when I spend too much time on the PC I do get a little stiff in my lower back but its not too bad. Anyhoo….good luck in finding a remedy ok? back pain will hit 80% of any population at some time in their lives so your friend is not alone.

  5. hunter621 says:

    For Back pain and especially muscle spasms, Formula 303, a natural muscle relaxant is amazing.

    I have included the link below under sources.

    It works better than Valium does for muscle spasms.

    My quality of life has greatly improved from Formula 303!

    Good luck!!

  6. shaz says:

    try deep heat and back support (a tight one)

  7. mikeluvsginger says:

    HI! Sorry your friends back is hurting!! There are a few simple things he can do to get some relief.

    1) A chiropractor is the best way to deal with low back pain.
    2) Try Arnica (sold at Homeopathic stores), it comes in little pellets and you ingest them.
    3) As someone else said Formula 303 is good too
    4) BioFreeze…it is a freezing spray (offered by medical offices…especially chiropractors). It comes in a gel, a spray and a roll on (typically about 13.50).
    5) Deep tissue massage.
    6) Also putting a pillow under his knees (or between if he is a side sleeper) will help take the pressure off his low back while he sleeps.
    7) ICE ICE ICE…he should ice for at LEAST 20 min a day…avoid heat as it brings blood to the surface which could make the pain worse. (works well in conjuction to the BioFreeze)

  8. Blondie says:

    This might sound crazy, but in my country it has been used for centuries for soothing backaches… Grappa, you know, the alcohol.

  9. amembal4444 says:

    Try acupressure or acupuncture for back ache, it works wonders. Check your lifestyle, may be the working conditions cause this backache. What has caused this backache? Which part of his back is hurting most? Physiotherapy works well for lumbar and cervical spondylosis. For herniated discs, you need more detailed treatment like traction, NSAIDs, sometimes epidural steroid injections, surgery.

    You need to have him x-rayed first and then consult your ortho who will be the best judge.

  10. wild1 says:

    put some plywood under the mattress.

    to help with back pain, he must exercise his abs. he may be overworking the back muscles. tell him to increase the abdominal execercises and go light on the back. his body is overcompensating.

  11. sOuL dOcToR says:

    The best advise I can give you is go consult a good Homeopathic Doctor, nothing works better my friend absolutely nothing.

    Take Care and God Bless you

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