are there any natural remedies to cure a yeast infection?

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Question by cluelessblue: are there any natural remedies to cure a yeast infection?
I am taking antibiotics and it causing me a yeast infection. Any ideas on how to cure it with natural products, and how do I prevent it from reoccuring. I will be on the antibiotics for a few months.

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Answer by Juskidn
Put yogurt where ever the infection is. Seriously.

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10 Responses to “are there any natural remedies to cure a yeast infection?”
  1. Shea says:

    yes.. plain no-flavor yogurt…use it on your vaginal at nighttime before bed for 2-7 days.. the sooner it stops, the sooner you can stop using the yogurt..

  2. A. Lynn says:

    Well…yoghurt…and garlic cloves, actually. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve know women who swear by it.

  3. NickyNawlins says:

    Go to the store and get u some medicine for it just to get rid of it in a hurry but also buy some yogurt. The natural bacteria in it helps prevent a yeast infection.
    The next time u are going to take antibiotics make sure u eat at least a half of the 8oz cup everyday when u take the antibiotics that way next time u wont get a yeast infection. I do the same thing.

  4. to_tell_the_truth_2008 says:

    Eat yogurt with live active cultures on a daily basis. Also take probiotic supplements (a health store can help direct you to what you need to take.)
    Refrain from eating sugars, especially refined and processed. This includes foods that convert to sugar, like most starches do (when not burned up in exercise.)
    Drink lots of water and get adequate rest.

  5. Daniella Bella says:

    I have heard about that yogurt thing, it must be PLAIN or you could get bacterial vaginosis. no vanilla or anything! you might want to call the doc and ask for diflucan(or the generic) it is a yeast infection curing pill you take and within 2 days its gone, you should get 2 or 3 from the pharmacy b/c if your taking antibiotics for a month its gonna come back! Good luck!

  6. HerHuggyBunny says:

    Plain unflavored yogurt. Put a couple of tablespoons inside your vagina and leave it there for a couple of hours, then wash well. Do this twice a day until 4 days after the infection is cleared… about a week should be enough.

    Doing it every few days while you’re taking antibiotics will very likely prevent any recurrence of yeast that might otherwise be caused by any drug-induced bacterial balance changes in your vagina.

    The bacterium that makes milk into yogurt is Lactobaccillus acidophilus, and it’s a normal member of the human vaginal microbe community. It eats the same foods as Candida yeasts and can starve a yeast infection to death pretty quickly (and prevent recurrence by raising the vaginal pH) if there’s enough of it alive inside there.

  7. Neil T says:

    forget about the yogurt, i have no idea why people would recommend that, get some yeastrol and that will end the problem guaranteed, its 100% natural go here

  8. ? says:

    Hi cluelessblue,

    Here is a natural yeast infection cure for you, it is called Yeast Infection No More, not only will it cure your YI naturally but it wall also prevent new YI from occurring!!

    See the link below for details.

    Good luck

  9. Jennifer G says:

    Firstly I would like to say findings published in the British Medical Journal not too long ago, stated that lactobacillus acidophilus (a key bacterium in yogurt) was not helpful in the prevention of thrush after a course of antibiotics, which many consider amongst those home remedies for vaginal yeast infection that work.

    There is an effective yeast infection treatment that you can use, which will treat and eliminate all forms of your yeast infection, including vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis effectively.

    This specially formulated treatment is 100% pure and all natural. With its anti bacterial blend of essential oils, it is formulated for female and male yeast infection, candida and vaginal thrush.

  10. cedarcottage says:

    A lot of people are suggesting plain, live yogurt, which is a good idea, both as an application and as part of your diet to help restore the body’s natural balance. But — especially as long as you are taking antibiotics — it’s important not to eat too much of the foods that Candida albicans thrives on. So try to eat foods that are lower on the Glycemic Index. For example, instead of bread and pasta made with white flour, substitute whole wheat. And basmati rice has a lower G.I. number than plain white rice. Eating low G.I. foods will help keep the candida under control.

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