Where can I find a natural herbal cure for a toothache?

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Question by angelikfiona: Where can I find a natural herbal cure for a toothache?
Anyone know of any?

I have a severe toothache and would rather use natural cures other then medications.

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Answer by kerriwyn13
Toothaches are usually caused by infection, thus a CURE is only availible through medical means. (see a dentist.)
Other than that, the homeopathic means of treating a toothache is to apply oil of cloves. 😉

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7 Responses to “Where can I find a natural herbal cure for a toothache?”
  1. mtn paul says:

    oil of cloves at the hippie store health food store

  2. Noone E says:

    Garlic or pungent onion on the aching tooth supposedly works to numb the nerves.
    Also Chili Pepper mixed with Clove oil.

  3. hawaiianstyler says:

    This works, I’ve used it before.
    Wrap cloves in a tissue or some cotton. Don’t make the wrapping to thick. Place it next to, or on the tooth.
    It does work.

  4. astrovineet says:

    I feel a Aloe Vera plant is available everywhere.

    You can try to use the leaf’s inner pulp along with any tooth paste you might be using. It will help you and you will feel the work with in a week.

    for a immediate relief, take a clove and warm it on gas. after making it black, cool it. Keep the cold clove now under your tooth, where its aching. It will give a immediate relief. However, since clove has a hot tendancy, should not be used much, as may make the body temprature high.

    However, you may also use Clove oil, easily available with medicine shops.


    Viineet Jain

  5. hoping deeply says:

    Clove oil

  6. feyanni says:

    I have severe toothaches all the time. Mostly abcessed teeth caused from grinding my teeth.

    I have found that brushing my teeth will usually stop the pain until I can get to the dentist. Usually something sweet or something stuck in the tooth is causing the severe pain, so brushing will remove it.

    Clove oil does help, but can make you kind of sick to your stomach. Tylenol also will help ease the pain.

  7. HealthGuard says:

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