whats a natural cure for colitis in cats?

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Question by The Guy: whats a natural cure for colitis in cats?
whats a natural cure for colitis in cats?

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Your cat needs to see his/her vet. Read this for more information:

Your vet will hopefully determine the cause and treat your cat as necessary. Your vet can also provide a prescription diet for your cat to ensure he/she is not starving from the condition because a special diet is probably needed.

Please see your vet.
Best wishes…..hope your cat recovers soon. God bless.

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  1. thenoseknows says:

    See rawfedcats.org
    Cats are obligate carnivores. Commercial cat food is completely inappropriate: read the bag/can. It’s full of cereal grains and vegetable derived ingredients. Cats should never eat carbohydrates.
    Feeding a species appropriate diet is key to eliminating many “common” disease conditions in both cats and dogs: pancreatitis, diabetes, colitis, periodontal disease, bladder stones… the list goes on. Raw feeding is the most simple, common sense thing you can do to keep your cat in the best of health and avoid mega-bills at the vets for something that’s completely avoidable.

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