What is the natural cure for aneurysm for a 79 year old patient?

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Question by chessteachr: What is the natural cure for aneurysm for a 79 year old patient?
The aneurysm is a arota type.Patient is taking vitamins and other natural nutrition.

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Answer by catzrme
The only “cure” is surgery. There is no natural cure for the ballooning of a blood vessel~

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5 Responses to “What is the natural cure for aneurysm for a 79 year old patient?”
  1. vividdark says:

    “The disease is one of middle life, and is the direct outcome of wrong living and wrong feeding generally, although injury may be the superficial starting cause. Heavy drinkers are most prone to the condition, and it also follows in the wake of metallic-drug treatment for diseases of syphilitic origin, and from metallic poisoning, such as lead poisoning, etc.

    Treatment. – It must be said at the outset that the treatment for aneurysm must always be left to a Naturopath, for such cases need most skilled attention. Nor can a definite cure be expected in most cases; in many all that can be hoped for is a diminution of the seriousness of the condition as a result of manipulative treatment, ray therapy, correct diet, strict abstention from alcoholic liquor, avoidance of strain, etc. The patient should lead as quiet a life as his calling will permit. For those who cannot put themselves under naturopathic treatment, a few days’ fruit diet, followed by the full weekly diet given in the Appendix, will be the best way of starting treatment, with, say, two or three days on all-fruit every month to follow. The enema should be used nightly to cleanse the bowels during the first few days of the treatment, and afterwards if necessary.”

  2. calyx156 says:

    Considering that facts that a) blood vessels and circulation in general can be extremely delicate in a 79 year old person, b) that the condition of aortic aneurism is extremely serious, and potentially life threatening, and immediately if that aneurism bursts or leaks, this is definitely a time for looking at emergency surgery as a good thing, a life-saving measure, and profoundly NOT medical malpractice. You could ask the doctor how serious the aneurism is. If it’s new, tiny, and not getting larger or more serious by the day, then there may be a bit of time to try naturopathic measures. If the situation is emergent, then follow the advice of the surgeon and begin the naturopathic remedies after the surgery. Such things as courses of rosemary, thyme (thymol) and Butchers’ Broom extract would be of the essence (Circucaps by Sanhelios would be an excellent product), as would hawthorne (Crategeous) tincture. Horsechestnut is also indicated in circulation problems as is any other herb that would be used in the case of varicosities or hemorrhoids–that is, highly nutritive, astringent, tonifying herbs that are not too yin or too expanding, moisturinzing or cooling in the body, nor too yang either, and that is heating, drying, contracting. Strong adaptogenic herbs could potentially be of assistance as well, as they would strengthen this person’s overall condition and constitution. I would strongly suggest consulting a professional herbalist and/or naturopath, as this is not a simple condition to treat or to heal. It is also profoundly NOT something for the neophyte to be taking on. An elderly person’s life is in the balance here.

  3. Kelly M says:

    I know this is not a cure but try reading up on reflexology. I was skeptical but after reading several books on it I really think there’s something to it. Check it out for yourself. Hope everything works out. God Bless.

  4. Judy B says:

    Arortic aneurysm is life threatening and can kill withing minutes — it killed John Ritter.

    The only treatment is surgery.

  5. (¯`®´¯) says:

    aneurysm is very time specific and should not be gambled with any sort of healing.
    The way to not have a stroke tomorrow is to have surgery today when dealing with aneurysm.
    Age does not matter so much when it means you will die not having surgery.

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