What is the fastest natural cure for constipation in children and adults?

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by Kalense Kid

Question by frufrufarmgirl: What is the fastest natural cure for constipation in children and adults?

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Answer by Leah H
senokot just double check age. there is actulose but it can take upto 3 days however if ok from babie age. x

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8 Responses to “What is the fastest natural cure for constipation in children and adults?”
  1. Salerio says:

    prunes and oats for breakfast.

  2. StaceyKephart says:

    Yogart works well for my son.

  3. Abbygail says:

    When my 1 yr old is constipated I give him some pear juice. It works really good and pretty quickly too.

  4. sainath says:

    juice of drumstick leaves

  5. Kiki says:

    prune juice, prunes, oatmeal. i’d say prune juice is the fastest.

  6. Anja says:

    about it you can get information from here http://webmd8.notlong.com/AAWST9o

  7. su_france2003 says:

    Don’t give senokot – it’s one of the “stomach ache and explosive diarrhea” laxatives (stimulant-irritants)!
    The fastest natural cures are of course enemas.

  8. Anthony says:

    Go for soluble as well as insoluble fiber and lots of fluids, especially water. Fiber and some forms of starch are fermented in the large bowel and provide the bulk that helps to stimulate the muscles of the colon in order to facilitate the digested food through the gut.

    Oat bran, pulses and most fruits (Bael, apples, figs, pears, bananas, pinneaple) and vegetables (leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, carrots, cluster beans) contain lot of soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber is mainly found in rice, bran, strawberries and nuts. Both type are found in wheat, bran, whole grains, (whole meal pasta and whole meal bread) and dried fruits. Other rich sources of fiber include green peas, popcorn and prunes.

    Beware of the chemical laxatives extensively advertised and available in the pharmacies. They are habit forming and make your colon so lazy that your bowels won’t come unless you use them.

    There are many natural laxative and holistic treatments that can help treat symptoms of constipation and promote easier digestion, without the side effects commonly associated with OTC or prescription drugs. Natural laxative treatments that include herbal and homeopathic remedies can restore balance and regularity to the digestive system and bowel.

    Nourishing herbs such as Aloe Ferox, Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion), and Passiflora incarnata have natural laxative properties and also act as a tonic for the liver. Other herbs that may also have a beneficial effect on the digestive system are Psyllium, a natural bulk forming laxative and Cascara and Senna to stimulate bowel movements. Remember to source your natural remedies from reputable companies to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety.

    Details on the above remedies can be read here http://www.healthherbsandnutrition.com/remedies/c/constipation.htm

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