What is an all natural cure for plantars wart- a home remedy that actually works quick?

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Question by vmp009: What is an all natural cure for plantars wart- a home remedy that actually works quick?
Please do not mention going to a doctor. This needs to be a home remedy or something over the counter only! Thanks!

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Answer by wander, wonder
The foot care section of the pharmacy has some good OTC remedies, like Dr. Scholl’s.

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  1. makawao_kane says:

    There’s 3 easy steps to get rid of them:

    1. Apply duct tape to the wart and leave it on for 3 days.

    2. Shave off as much as you can of the wart.

    3. Use an air spray can (the ones used to dust off computers), turn it upside down and spray the wart (the air will come out supper cold and will freeze the wart).

    I went to the Doctor several times and paid to have him freeze it. It kept coming back. I got tired of it and did the above myself and it never came back. I’ve told several people and they’ve had similar results.

    Best of luck.

  2. amembal4444 says:

    Most Popular Home Remedies for Warts.

    Home Remedy #1: Fresh Aloe vera juice is applied directly to dissolve warts and tone the skin.

    Home Remedy #2: Proteolytic Enzymes:
    Papaya (papain), Pineapple (bromelain), banana peel and figs contain enzymes that digest and dissolve warts in a safe manner.

    Home Remedy #3: The fresh plant, sap (figs) or concentrate (papain) can be applied; any of these can be taped to the skin for several hours.

    Home Remedy #4: Milkweed a weed that is wide spread across North America; the fresh milky sap of the leaf or stem is applied directly to warts once a day. Usually works dramatically; non-irritating, does not affect normal skin.

    Home Remedy #5: Increase the amount of sulfur-containing amino acids in your diet by eating more asparagus, citrus fruits, eggs, garlic, and onions.

    Put a small square of banana skin on it. The fleshy side / inside of the banana skin should placed over the wart you want to remove, the hold in place with a band aid / plaster and wear a sock on the foot overnight. You should continue this treatment until the wart turns a brown or black color and easily comes off.

    Use baking soda. Take some baking soda and mix with caster or olive oil and apply to the offending wart. You should leave this overnight, and as with the above example, cover with a band-aid. Repeat this until the wart drops off.

    Use Vitamin E capsule. Simply open a standard Vitamin E capsule and rub the contents onto the wart and cover with a band-aid. You will need to repeat this treatment several times a day for it to be effective. You should also consider taking a Vitamin E capsule every day as a part of your diet.

    Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Essential Oil. Put a couple of drops of these oils on a Q Tip or cotton wool pad and apply to the wart twice a day. You will need to repeat this treatment for a couple of weeks for it to be effective. Take care to only apply a few drops of the oils.

    Soak a cotton wool ball in apple cider vinegar. Put the cotton wool ball on the wart and secure with a band aid. Repeat this everyday, with a fresh cotton wool pad and vinegar, until the wart is gone.

    Cover the wart or warts with a piece of duct tape which totally covers the growth. Leave this on for 6 days, on the 7th day, remove the tape, soak the foot in water and use a pumice stone or emery board to remove the wart. Dry the foot and apply another piece of duct tape. Continue this until the wart is gone.

  3. 2littleiggies says:

    Go and get some garlic oil and banana peel. Rub some of the garlic oil on the wart and then put some banana peel on top of it (enough to cover the wart) top with a band-aid or tape and leave over night do this until the wart is gone. If you can stand it you can also do this during the day and it will work even faster. It will take a few weeks but works really well.

  4. Ashley S says:

    i had one and i got vitamin e tablets and poked a hole in it and put the oil on my wart wrapped it up at night and let it air out in the day, it was gone in 3 weeks! the skin will die and i just scraped it off with a razor blade. be sure to get the dead skin and the black seeds in the garbage so you dont get another one!

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