what is a natural cure for bad breath?

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Question by JohnD: what is a natural cure for bad breath?
does anyone know of a natural cure to cure for bad breath? like a food or something? i would just use gum, but i dont have that much cash.

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Answer by owen_nordin
Garlic! It smells nice to me

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22 Responses to “what is a natural cure for bad breath?”
  1. newportbeach says:

    anise seeds


  2. alex j says:

    try mouth wash, if it burns, then it means its working

  3. cope_acetic@yahoo.com says:

    Um…brush & floss frequently!
    If you still have a bad odor, you might have a sinus infection–see a doctor.

  4. COOKIE says:


  5. embroidery fan says:

    Brush your teeth several times a day, with toothpaste, and each time brush your tongue, too.

  6. simal111 says:

    Flossing, drink plenty of water and good oral hygeine. If it is still bad you might want to see a dr. for a possible pocket in your throat called a fistulla where food is possibly not evacuating your esophagus or acid reflux. Also Halotosis (bad breath) can be a cause of Strep throat, tonsilitis or any other infection causeing pus. Try salt water gargle.

  7. varsha p says:

    brush your teeth three times a day means after each meal you take.

  8. Bella83 says:

    brush 2x/day and floss everyday!

  9. dcsiren says:

    Well first off make sure you are flossing your teeth every night, brushing, and using a tongue scraper too.

    If that fails then you need to look at your tonsils and see if you have any white stuff in them. They’re called tonsil rocks and what is relaly is is food deteriorating but caught in the crypts of your tonsils. You need to squeeze those out.

    If ALL fails may I suggest that you take chlorophyll tablets or check yourself for constipation. Not being able to go to the bathroom causes foul odor in your mouth. You will need to get your colon cleansed or use some Ex Lax or an enema.

  10. amazinocity says:

    Well, all i know, is that drinking lots of water softens the blow of bad breath. Also chewing on mint leaves does the trick :]
    But if neither of those works for you, then you could try brushing your teeth more often and really well so the cleanliness of your mouth lasts longer. Try also avoiding foods that are or have, onions, garlic, sometimes dairy, in them, and eating more fruits and vegtables instead.

    hope this helps :]<3

  11. Bé Ngu Yến says:

    You don’t have cash to buy a pack of gum for a dollar? I’m very sure that most foods cost more than $1.

    Well, bad breath is usually caused by the bacteria that lay in your tongue. If you can tell, look at your tongue and you see a bunch of white on your tongue. The way to get rid of bad breath is to get rid of that white stuff.

    Drink a lot of water. Floss and brush daily. Rinse your mouth after you eat with water. If you can, use some mouthwash.

  12. Pascha says:

    Brush well, floss, use a tongue cleaner, use a little bit of peroxide in water as a mouthwash, or salt water, eat lots of vegetables.

  13. sophieb says:

    brush the teeth, use dental floss, and clean the tongue with your toothbrush. If you need something more there is a mouth spray or listerene, or a rinse with saltwater, or a rinse with baking soda (mixed in the water). But you can prevent the smell by seeing your dentist to take care of the bad teeth. In addition, you can stop eating anything spicy, and change your diet to include more fresh vegetables. If you stop eating meat (but buy the nutritional supplements instead) your mouth won’t smell.

  14. Sandy D says:

    Parsley , Brush your tongue , Rinse your mouth with baking soda and water. You can also use hydrogen peroxide with water, it will kill germs and whiten your teeth & it’s cheap!

  15. just me says:

    I’ve heard some people brush with baking soda. It doesn’t taste good, but it does the job.

    It also could be a medical condition (other then not brushing your teeth). Talk to your dentist or primary care doctor.

  16. Susan Yarrawonga says:

    Liquid chlorophyll deodorises your interior and reduces the odour of everything that comes out.

    If your bad breath is due to a gum or teeth problem you might need a dentist but if it is an internal problem (eg stomach) then liquid chlorophyll will help you.

  17. ethel says:

    i’ve heard that parsley is supposed to freshen your breath

  18. naturalist says:

    Buy a tongue scraper, this will eliminate the source of the majority of your bad breath. Also, lay off meat, because meat can cause continuous bad breath.

  19. AEEA Certified TechMG says:

    keep yourmouth shut and you will have no worries.. or chew on mint leaves.

  20. ffyona_adri says:

    Put 3-5 drops (NO MORE THAN THIS OR YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF)of Peppermint essential oil in 8 ounces of water and drink it down. It freshens breath, kills bacteria and aids digestion.

  21. verline terry says:

    gum and food don’t help freshen your breath if you have halitosis. ask your dentist and if they say nothings wrong (which means they don’t know) then it might be your digestive system. try not eating dairy or red meat for a while and see if that helps.

  22. mako says:

    Take yogurt everyday. Make your own at home. Yogurt can cure many of our ailments. For I am one who has been taking yogurt daily for the past 4 years. I have convince my wife to take and she has realised its benefits and taking its daily too. She has a beautiful smooth and fair skin, nobody can guess her age, they say she looks younger than her actual age!

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