What is a natural cure for athletes foot?

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natural cure
by Rjabinnik and Rounien

Question by friskygimp: What is a natural cure for athletes foot?
If I dont want to use an rx or a chemical filled cream, what other options do i have to get rid of athletes foot?

(serious answers only please)

Ok, i have peed and do pee in the shower
and i actually am barefoot 99% of the time…

vinegar ,cool, that stuff cleans everything!!!! i just did by entire bathroom top to bottom today with vinegar and baking soda it worked better than anything i have ever tried!

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Answer by pyg
vinegar. just soak your feet in it. it doesn’t smell great, but it’ll kill just about anything.

cheers to that tea tree mention. that’s an excellent idea.

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12 Responses to “What is a natural cure for athletes foot?”
  1. Fade__Out says:

    tea tree oil twice a day. Stings, but works.

  2. crownvic64 says:

    Try tea tree oil or go barefoot

  3. xmoregonex says:

    Tea trea oil gets rid of athelete’s foot 100%.

  4. wikid14141 says:

    Pee on your feet in the shower.

  5. brandy says:

    i know this sounds super gross, but my grandpa swears it works … anyways pee on ur feet while ur in the shower … the urine will kill it …. i know gross right?

  6. JellyCat says:

    Er, this is going to sound awful, but my ex husband (he was in the Air Force) said in the desert to help with athletes feet and jungle rot from being in combatboots was to …Pee on their feet when they showered.. I swear i’m not making this up.

    Whether it’s a myth or not, this is what i’ve been told…

  7. honeybeebizzz says:

    my boyfriend says pee on your feet, but i would opt for some gold bond and wear flip flops until your feet dry out, then use 100% cotton socks, they breathe better. change them every time they get wet or sweaty.

  8. retsiemeop says:

    Soak your feet in warm water with epsin (not sure if that is spelled right ) salt. When you wear your socks and shoe, put a sprinkle of baby powder in them. This also helps foot odor.

  9. Erin G says:

    Soak them in water and white vinegar, or use a paste made with baking soda. Always make sure you dry your feet really well when you get out of the shower. Between the toes.

  10. iritadragon says:

    Keep your feet clean and dry and get lots of natural sunlight. You’ll have to clean all of your shoes to get rid of the fungus. Use soap and water and fungus powders from the store. Also make sure that you use socks with natural fibres…cotton, wook or silk. Anything artificial holds sweat in and feet can’t breathe properly. Take your shoes off at work as much as possible. No pantyhose allowed! Wash your sheets in hot water, soap and bleach, and hang them out in the sun to dry. Shampoo your carpets with an anti-fungal soap. And you can get anti-fungal soaps to wash your feet as well. One of the best on the market is Spectro Gram ‘2’. Don’t forget that funguses are spread by spores, which can live forever in hostile environments. It will take weeks to make sure that you’ve gone through all generations of those fungus spores. And that means a non-ending cleaning regimen until you have been fungus free for at least a week.

    It’s certainly easier to get a rx for a fungus cream now isn’t it?

  11. Joeng says:

    Dip your feet into luke-warm salty water.
    You can pour talcum powder into your shoes. Clean your floor with betadine or carbolized antiseptic ingredients. Wash your feet with detol soap. Keep your feet dry, and clean.

  12. monamarie says:

    Athletes foot is ringworm of the foot. I use alternative medicine the majority of the time, but this is one that can take you forever to get rid of. Tea tree oil is your best defense if you choose, but you have to kill it on the surfaces of your shower, shoes, etc. You will infect anyone else around you using the same showers etc. I have seen it get so bad that patients are unable to walk and secondary infection sets in. Nothing to mess around with, seriously.

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