What can you tell me about a natural diabetes “cure”…?

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Question by Q&A Queen: What can you tell me about a natural diabetes “cure”…?
mentioned by Kevin Trudeau in his updated edition of his “Natural Cures” book. He references an interview with a Dr. Yung Su Kim and a “combination of herbs researched at the University of Calgary, called by the Asian Diabetic Association” the final cure for diabetes.

I’ve googled this as best I could but come up with a variety of different things. Has anyone found this product or even used it that can tell me more?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Best answer:

Answer by SkepDoc 2.0
I can tell you that there is no such thing. Diabetes can be managed, but there is no cure.

I can tell you that Yung Su Kim is a TCM practitioner and has no medical training , and only anecdotes and testimonials for “proof”. He has not done any research or published any clinical trials proving his herbs have any effects.

I can also tell you that Kevin Trudeau is a convicted felon and conman, and that his book is complete fearmongering, misinformation and general bullshit, and is designed to make money for Kevin Trudeau. It offers ludicrous and in many cases frankly dangerous medical advice. Kevin Trudeau has no medical or health training of any sort, he is basically a self promoting salesman who preys on the fears of the gullible. His book is merely the latest in a long line of scams he has foisted on the public.

EDIT Globetrotter and Keepsondancing have given you some detailed and mostly correct advice on managing (not curing) Type 2 diabetes, though they did not address your specific question. Type 2 diabetics still make insulin, though it may not be enough for their needs, or it may be less potent.
In addition to all of the diet and lifestyle advice, type 1 DM also require insulin injections as they are incapable of making their own.

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5 Responses to “What can you tell me about a natural diabetes “cure”…?”
  1. global trotter says:

    There are no magic pill or herbal supplement on diabetes.
    If you have a diabetes 2, there are combinations of things you can do to treat it w/o medications. Diet of calculated calories, no animal meat, Tofu, fresh fish in moderation, freshly prepared veggies of low calorie, egg whites only, complex carb of small multigrain bread, preferably home baked, Exercise regularly like walking, swimming, golfing to improve your cardiovascular function. Managing everyday stresses. I know of diabetic friends who have never taken a pill, just by a natural method, but it takes a determination, discipline, strong will to accomplish it. Hope this helps. ?>>

  2. keepsondancing says:

    Global trotter is half right. Allow me to amplify on his/her answer.
    Diabetes mellitus type 2 (DMT2) is not curable but it is REVERSIBLE.
    The first step, if you are overweight, is weight loss. This in itself may be enough to reverse your BG numbers.
    Tofu and other soy products are harmful and should be avoided; the only safe soy is that which has been FERMENTED: tempeh, miso and natto.
    Quality protein is necessary for good health. Fish is terrific but high in mercury; choose small fish, low on the food chain, like sardines and herring, or choose a quality fish oil like Garden of Life or Carlson’s. Go for organic meats and poultry if at all possible (you may be able to find an affordable local source) since commercial meats are pumped full of undesirable hormones and antibiotics.
    Choose veggies that are not starchy and not calorie-dense. Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, celery, tomatoes, spinach, chard, mushrooms – you get the idea. Stay away from potatoes, yams, etc.
    Avoid grains, yes, even whole grains. No refined flours, white rice, pasta. I’ve found oatmeal (5-minute, not instant) to be the only grain that does not spike my blood glucose. No sweeteners, or course. In fact, it should be obvious that sugar in any form is off the menu if you are serious about reversing DMT2. The only non-calorie sweetener that is perfectly safe is stevia.

    Whole eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can eat. Include healthy fats as well to help you feel full: butter, lard, raw cream, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil. Avoid Omega-6 fats like margarine and vegetable oils; not only are they GMO, they upset our Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 balance that is instrumental in heart disease.

    Global trotter is right about exercise too. A half-hour of walking a day would be ideal, but any activity is helpful, even 10-minute bursts of this and that. The more activity, the faster those numbers come down.

    There are a whole series of supplements and herbs that are supposed to help lower BG or improve insulin receptivity. I’ve tried them all – cinnamon, bitter melon, GTF chromium, ALA, Gymnema Sylvestre etc. – none of them helped me at all. Diet and exercise are what’s working for me. Good luck and stay focused!

  3. eclecticdoctor says:

    Whatever Dr. Yung Su Kim says, traditional TCM says that Diabetes can be treated, but not cured. I am of course, assuming that by cure you mean a treatment that if finished, will enable the patient to continue living without having to worry about the disease problem anymore, much like an infection is cured.

    Diabetes either presupposes insulin deficiencies OR insulin receptor problems. Either way the problem is much deeper than can be cured by just “popping a pill”

    I have had diabetic patients ask for acupuncture and herbal advice. I have never asked them to stop taking their western meds but only reduce the maintainance dose, along with treating with TCM methods.

    Beware of quacks who make legitimate acupuncturists and herbalists look bad.

  4. yoonhangkim says:

    Type II diabetes can be treated with therapeutic life style change which involves sensible eating and life-style (exercise). The original study published in the New England Journal of Medicine was performed partly at UCSD where I was completing my preventive medicine training.

    The results showed that prevention of diabetes was achieved best by therapeutic life style change.

    If you look at any medical text, it will state that the cornerstone of management of diabetes (type II) is lifestyle changes. Often as little as losing 5% of weight can positively impact the blood sugar levels.

    As to supplementation protocol, there are studies that suggest lowering blood sugar properties of chromium, cinnanmon, ginseng, and other supplements.

    I have observed many people when combining lifestyle changes with supplements to achieve superior blood sugar control with minimal need for medication.

    However, for type I or insulin dependent diabetics REQUIRE INSULIN – therapeutic lifestyle change is helpful but not eliminate insulin needs.

  5. granny says:

    Man does not have a cure for any of the diseases we encounter today. The only cure for man’s ills is the Kingdom of God. It will do away with illness, death, and bring back our loved ones who have died. Man will attain perfection and live eternally on Paradise Earth. Kevin Trudeau is making money with his snake oil remedy book. Unfortunately, people are believing it. We are imperfect and therefore susceptible to diseases, death. Diseases are treatable or terminal.

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