What are the best natural cure for clogged heart arteries?

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Question by Elyonics: What are the best natural cure for clogged heart arteries?
Also, can you give me some of the best vitamins for the heart. I’ve heard vitamin C is good for the arteries but alas, unproven claims interspersing about vitamin c otherwise.

Some of my arteries or capillaries are apparently blocked coz of symptoms e.g. shortness of breath, on and off chest pains i’m feelin lately.

I’d visited physicians but all of them scoof me that i’m too young to have heart diseases. They perform some tests e.g. physical check up, ekg, & 2d echo w/ doppler and all upshots went well.

All i need to know now for the mean time, before another sojourn to a different doc, is the exceptional BEST HOME and NATURAL cure and extraordinary essential tips to declog this onset blocking.

Lastly, having an examplar blood pressure, does that underscores good heart too? If you have an onset clogged arteries does that affect blood pressure performance?

Thanks. I need badly the planet’s help!

Lionel, 30, Cebu, Philippines

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Answer by minus
Go to the hospital anc dheck your self in.

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10 Responses to “What are the best natural cure for clogged heart arteries?”
  1. chiara_too says:

    hi. try eft (emotional freedom technique) is like acupuncture without the needles, and you can perform it on yourself in just a matter of minutes. its simply a matter of tapping some pressure points/meridians to relieve stress.

    ~chiara, baguio

  2. gremlingts says:

    Lionel, at this time, there is no proven way to unclog arterties except by mechanical means, ie cutting the material away with surgical tools. If there were a pill or chemical to flush it all out, you’d have people banging down the doors of their Doctors to get it. A guy I know, a former co-worker, told me once that while experimenting with some snake toxins, someone accidently found that part of the snake’s venom cleaned out all the arteries. I think someone had gotten bitten,and was being treated with part of an anti-venom in a different way. Anyway, I have no way to know if that’s true or not, or even which snake toxin was used, but it was an exotic snake, for sure. So, sorry I can’t help you more, but that’s my entire knowledge of arterial cloggage. 🙂
    – from Virginia, USA –

  3. contact.johnny says:

    Barley Life can find on-line this is the best product i have found
    take one tea spoon in water the colder the water the better it mixes. half hour before meal in morning for ten days then take tea spoon afternoon that’s two tea spoon per day it will take
    time too work but hang in there.

  4. Linda S says:

    It could be symptoms of thyroid disease. Have your thyroid checked. Look up symptoms of hypOthyroidism and hypeRthyroidism and see how many you have. This can happen at any age, and you can have a few or many symptoms. Good luck.

  5. CholesterolFRAUD C says:



    The way statins work is via ANTI INFLAMMATORY ANTI- CLOTTING ANTI OXIDANT QUALITIES and has NOTHING to do with cholesterol- lowering NOTHING.

    Do VERY CAREFUL excercise to HELP DILATE the arteries.

  6. Harmony says:

    Niacin can be used to increase your good cholesterol (HDL) and it is over the counter.

    Extended release formulation (Niaspan®): 500 mg at bedtime for 4 weeks, then 1 g at bedtime for 4 weeks; adjust dose to response and tolerance; can increase to a maximum of 2 g/day, but only at 500 mg/day at 4-week intervals

    You may experience flushing, sensation of heat, or headache; these reactions may be decreased by increasing dose slowly or by taking aspirin (consult prescriber) 30-60 minutes prior to taking niacin.

  7. bella361 says:

    Firstly you didn’t say you actually had clogged arteries, so I’m going to presume you want information on keeping them from getting clogged. Take an aspirin a day, unless allergic to it or prone to bleeding problems, stay away from satuarated fats: ie, McDonalds, Burger King and other fast food killers, and drink a glass of red wine a day (this has been proven to keep you cholesterol in check).

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