Q&A: What is the natural cure for Diabetes and Multiple sclerosis?

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Question by jonb4more: What is the natural cure for Diabetes and Multiple sclerosis?
You always hear about natural cures for diseases, but you never hear of what they are or even the treatments. I’ve heard there is a natural cure for Herpes, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, and hypertension, but no one ever seems to know what they are, or where they can be found. I have even read that book ‘Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About’ by Kevin Trudeau and he just beats around the bush. Is there anyone out there with solid evidence and answers?

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Answer by sharmamadhu235
exercise and neutrition

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8 Responses to “Q&A: What is the natural cure for Diabetes and Multiple sclerosis?”
  1. wildbill05733 says:

    If there were natural or any cure at all, don’t you think that they’d use them instead of letting people suffer?

  2. ldavis_1968@sbcglobal.net says:

    I have also read Kevin’s book. He gives you direction you need to search. I have found many good natural web sites. In his book he gives you references to read for yourself. Keep searching, I do believe that there is a cure for everything. God has made our bodies completely repairable, if you do the right things. http://www.gojuvo.com/NaturalCuresForDiabetes.html

  3. phenomenalwoman says:

    I don’t know about diabetes, but there is an alternative treatment for MS…bee sting therapy…i can’t remember the real name for it but from what I’ve seen and read it can be pretty effective.

  4. smithmerchandising says:

    Drug companies do not make money on natural cures. That is why you will never hear about the natural cure for diabetes or any other disease from a drug company.

  5. Kevin (a.k.a. novell_mcne) says:

    I am sure that if there was solid evidence backed by real proof of natural cures for diseases that _many_ healthcare professionals would be talking about them, they would be in respected journals, even the so-called ‘evil’ pharmaceutical companies would be manufacturing ‘enhanced’, ‘safer’, ‘more effective’ natural cures. Just look at all the various companies that make different kinds of Vitamin C, Rosehips, Iron pills, and the like for your local grocery store.

    IMHO, I think you’re best bet is to work with a professional doctor.

    Be cautious when referencing Kevin Trudeau’s “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About.” Do a little reading on this guy, then decide for yourself. Personally, I think he’s a huckster out to make a buck using ridiculous claims backed by pseudo-science and possibly outright untruths .. but that’s just my opinion .. and some other people like doctors, respected journalists, etc.

    Analysis of Kevin Trudeau’s “Natural Cures” Infomercial (2004) by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    Wikipedia entry

    Kevin Trudeau Banned from Infomercials

    20/20 Report “King Con? Bestselling Author Selling Questionable Cures to the Desperate and Gullible”

    Skeptic’s Dictionary

  6. blonde says:

    Why shun known medical cures that God gave us the ability to learn and know about..That has got to be the most “natural” of all..there are no actual cures for these afflictions you have mentioned, but treatments that diminish problems and side effects and allow life as usual when followed…If Kevin is just beating around the bush in his book..there must not be much to tell ….What we hear about as far as natural remedies and cures, etc..mostly deal with medicine in other cultures and times….what was their life expectancy compared to ours?
    Just a few thoughts…I have no experience or documentation, just off the cuff observations, so will accept any criticism/more informed comments!

  7. ferrolbible says:

    There is a cure for everything out there.The answer to your question would take to long to explain here but I am in the process of constructing my web site and it will contain your answer but if you do not want to wait for it and would be prepared to give me your address I will send you a copy of my news letter every month.Please don’t give this over the net. send it to me at 123 Margate Rd-Ramsgate-Kent-CT11 7SX. I am a qualified alternative medicinal therapist in: Massage, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Nutritional therapy and advanced herbal remedies.

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  8. bklynzlilqueenbe says:

    i dont noe da natural cure 4 diabetes and multiple selcerosis!!

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