Q&A: What is a natural cure that works quickly for a urinary tract infection?

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Question by I color outside the lines: What is a natural cure that works quickly for a urinary tract infection?
I’m pretty sure I got a UTI, because I’ve been having a strong urge to urinate, but only a little comes out, and sometimes I can’t control it and end up wetting myself before I can get to the restroom. This is not a good thing. I have class and a test today on campus and I’m afraid of wetting myself. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or help with this until I can get to the doctor?

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Answer by darkshadow300200
cranberry fruit or leaf extract…

or drink a lot of cranberry juice


cheap and works good

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10 Responses to “Q&A: What is a natural cure that works quickly for a urinary tract infection?”
  1. funnyface1919 says:

    Sorry but you need to go to the doctors. I drink green tea to help me not get UTI but you need antibiotics to clear this one up. Good luck on your test.

  2. May I help You? says:

    ok, anything here must accompany a trip to the doctor because you may need medication that only a real doctor can resolve. It’s not that difficult to resolve once the doctor sees you and tests your urine.

    You cannot wait…please call asap.

    Also drink plenty of cranberry juice, not that cocktail thing that has too much sugar which makes an UTI worse…and stop all soda and sugar things…makes it much worse.

    Cranberry pills and garlic&parsley pills also help….and yogurt….however they must work in conjunction with the doc’s visit.

  3. jax says:

    barley water or just drink plenty of water to help flush it out.

  4. Doodlebug says:

    Cranberry, cranberry, cranberry.
    You can drink the juice or you can go to the drugstore and purchase the cranberry capsules.
    You will have faster results if you drink the juice.
    If you have a problem with your sugar, switch off and on with water.
    I can see from your picture that you are a male. This UTI has been brewing for quite a while. The male urethra is 7 to 8 inches long and it is difficult for men to get UTI’s.
    Us women have urethras that are only a quarter of an inch long. Needless to say, we are very susceptible to infections.
    Hope you feel better.

  5. kris says:

    from my own experiences, lots of water and cranberry juice will help.lots of it and every single time you feel the urge to pee no matter how much comes out..go, dont hold it,dont wait,just go. if that means you need to clear some of your schedule for a couple days than do it.lots and lots of water and cranberry juice

  6. buttercup says:

    Dry cotton underwear, it worked for me.

  7. meatball7 says:

    .. It appears that no-one here who has recommended that you drink cranberrry juice has explained to you that most of the commercial forms of cranberry juice on the market will actually do you more harm than good with this problem. ….. The average cranberry juice in the grocery store is loaded with sugar in the form of corn syrup or fructose etc. ….. and sugar is exactly the very worst thing for anyone dealing with a urinary infection (or any form of infection for that matter). The sugar will make the problem worse,…guaranteed.

    You have to go to a Health Food Store and find a “pure, unfiltered, cranberry juice”. …. This will be a very bitter juice to the taste,… but you will feel the benefits from it as soon as you drink it down. … Just tough it out and drink it down. It will help tremendously to balance the acid alkaline balance in your body,.. which in your condition is presently way too acid.

    …… As far as treatment is concerned,… personally I would go to a licensed doctor of Oriental Medicine,… in the form of an acupuncturist who also practices Chinese Herbology. From my extensive experience, Oriental medicine works extremely well and very fast towards eliminating urinary infections,…. and it will not involve taking the likes of anti-biotics,…. which is a bad idea in my opinion and is much less efficient.

  8. multipure417278 says:

    Recently, I have been in contact with someone who had suffered for years with Urinary Trac Infections. She had tried everything. To make a long story short, one day, she found out about using Oil Of Oregano to combat infections. From the little I have been reading about this herb, it seems that it has been used for years to prevent and cure many infections and is effective on different types of bacteria.

  9. Squidman79 says:


  10. Logan says:

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