Q&A: Natural Diabetis cure drug companys don’t want you to know about?

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Question by froggyfred3: Natural Diabetis cure drug companys don’t want you to know about?
I have heard about a book that tells how there is a natural way to cure diabetis, is anybody up on that?

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Answer by Allyson J
I have not heard about that but I’m in the same boat I would love to know what this is! It’s hard to believe though.

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6 Responses to “Q&A: Natural Diabetis cure drug companys don’t want you to know about?”
  1. jupiterclash says:

    I’m sorry but what could naturally cure a pancreas that just doesn’t produce insulin anymore? Is it a magic root that is some how going to revive my pancreas after a nice long, fourteen year nap? Is it going to stimulate the pancreas’ of those with type two diabetes?

    No. I think that ‘natural cures’ for diabetes are a bunch of crock. People put them out there to make a fast buck off of diabetics.

    Right now there is no REAL cure for diabetes. Perhaps in a few years we will be there, but going on to some “natural cure” could really hurt you in the long run. Because diabetes has been around for a long, long time and if there was a natural cure you can bet someone would have found it a long time ago.

  2. amberzakfilms says:

    Please do not listen to these ‘natural cure’ companies. I have looked into some of them, and they just say things like “Take this with a well balenced diet” and as type two can be treated with diet, this is just the treatment and not a cure.

    There is true hope of a cure in the future, as these are currently being researched. But this is something for the future. So watch this space.

  3. JM says:

    There is no natural or synthetic cure but some people believe that some herbs do help lower blood sugar. Cinnamon, Gymnema Sylvestre, and Bitter Melon are some of them. I did read that women should not consume bitter melon because it can induce menstruation and if she is pregnant or trying to become pregnant she can have a miscarriage. I have tried the Cinnamon & Gymnema Sylvestre and a diabetic formula vitamin alone and I noticed they didn’t do much. When I added them to my metformin (which I had stopped taking for a while) I did notice my sugar came down more than usual. It really wasn’t anything significant though and probably not worth taking. I don’t know if it was the herbs or my body started responding better to the metformin after taking a break. It’s by no means a cure but you may want to look more into it. You can look online, in your library or even in a Vitamin Shop. They have reference books you can look through.

  4. yeperdoodle says:

    No, there is no cure for diabetes, I sure wish there was. You can control it, though. There are a lot of naturopathic doctors out there trying to push herbal remedies in place of medication and insulin. Don’t do it! There are countless horror stories of people who have tried and they end up in the hospital. You need insulin to survive, and diabetics don’t make enough, or they don’t make any at all. So Type 2’s take meds to boost their production, and Type 1’s take insulin by injection or pump.

  5. MamaSmurf says:

    I have tried so called natural cures and ended up in the hospital.

  6. GumboSoup says:

    No cure. But, you can control it through diet. I do. I take no medications or insulin. I take vitamins, including R-ALA, Chromium Picolinate and Biotin. I drink only water and/or stevia sweetened beverages.

    I started at an A1c of 11.9. Three months later I was at 6.8 and 6 months after that I was at 5.6.

    I did it by eliminating almost all carbs from my diet. The carbs I get are from leafy green vegetables, a few other vegetables and cheese. I eat decent amounts of every other kind of protein and fat. Occasionally I splurge on weekends or holidays and eat more carbs than I should. But, it keeps me sane and satisfies the cravings.

    My 2 hour post prandials are typically under 120 and in many cases right about 100.

    I anticipate my next A1c will be about 5.3 or 5.4.

    Anyone that is Type II can do this.

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