Q&A: Is there really a natural cure for cancer?

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Question by ebony p: Is there really a natural cure for cancer?
The doctors are now saying there is nothing left to do for my mother’s lung cancer, I want to know is there something out there that can help her. I want to know is there something natural that can cure.

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Answer by Quiet One
there maybe, but not one has found it yet. I am sorry to hear about your mum

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  1. akshay k says:

    if u drink the urine of a cow it’s cureable

  2. Adriana says:

    I would look into natural cures from books at book stores and libraries. Green tea, broccoli and tomatoes have anti- oxidants that kill cancer cells. You have to get exercise, fresh air. Drink alot of juices. Take coral calcium. Have faith and pray. Try cancer centers of America. They have helped when other doctors couldn’t.

  3. Doc2 says:

    Want to buy a nice bridge in Brooklyn?

  4. rayolgamiky says:

    Hi! There are no known cures for cancer. I do have a friend that is 77 years old that was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. His PSA was 3,360. Yes this is the highest I have ever heard of. The cancer had metastasized and was in his lungs, bones, spine and lymph nodes. Needless to say the doc said there was nothing to be done, the cancer was everywhere. 1 ½ years later, no treatment other than hormone shots and a product called Immunocal and the cancer is not to be found.

    The Product Immunocal will help. Immunocal is not a cure. It is clinically proven to raise Glutathione in the body and the body does what it was designed to do – fight off pathogens and diseases.

    In a nutshell, Glutathione is a molecule found and produced in every cell of the body. It is responsible for the proper functioning of the immune system, detoxification, recycling of antioxidants and several other things. Glutathione is the first line defense against diseases. And along with liver, lungs are the largest user of Glutathione in the body. Best resource of information is in the book “Glutathione (GSH). Your body’s most powerful protector” by Jimmy Gutman, MD, researcher and emergency physician. Chapter 5 of this book addresses Cancer and the role of Glutathione in cancer prevention, treatment and recovery. It also explains how to raise Glutathione safely and effectively (there are different ways including taking Immunocal) since you can’t get Glutathione in your system by eating Glutathione. Or email me from my profile page if you want more information. I lost my mom to breast cancer in 2000. I didn’t know all this back then. I am trying to educate people. Olga

  5. Panda says:

    No. There is no natural cure for cancer.

    If you have already been through traditional treatment and they are saying there is nothing left to do, you should consider calling in hospice. Hospice can guide you through this last journey.


    “At fifteen, life had taught me undeniably that surrender, in its place, was as honorable as resistance, especially if one had no choice. – Maya Angelou”

    Peace to you and your mother.

  6. kuhen4 says:

    It Is Chronic Unintentional Dehydration That Causes Pain and Disease, Including Cancer In The Body.
    Acidic pH Levels Lead To Cancer…
    Normalizing pH Levels Can Stop Cancer In Its Tracks
    There is plenty of research showing that cancer thrives in an acidic environment, and doesn’t survive in an normal, more alkaline environment. Cancer cells make your body even more acidic as they produce lactic acid. So if you have cancer, your pH levels are low and your body is too acidic. Taking action to make your body more alkaline is vital in the battle against cancer. Unfortunately… The majority of the foods and drinks we consume are acidic, such as meat, grains and sugar, with colas and other soft drinks being highly acidic. So unless you have been eating a very healthy diet, full of fresh fruit and vegetables, your body is way too acidic. Creating a very good environment for cancer to grow in. Actually, a too much acidity is an underlying factor in many degenerative diseases — diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. A basic maxim of natural physicians is: Balance the bio terrain. Do this first, then everything can come back to normal. Taking medicines or supplements while your body is highly acidic is a bit like washing dishes in a sink of dirty water, even when you put in plenty of soap, you can’t get the dishes clean. According to Keiichi Morishita in his book, Hidden Truth of Cancer, when your blood starts to become acidic, your body deposits acidic substances in the blood (usually toxins) into cells to allow the blood to remain slightly alkaline. However, this causes your cells to become more acidic and toxic, which results in a decrease of their oxygen levels, and harms their DNA and respiratory enzymes. Over time, he theorizes, these cells increase in acidity and some die. These dead cells themselves turn into acids. However, some of these acidified cells may adapt in that environment. In other words, instead of dying – as normal cells do in an acid environment – some cells survive by becoming abnormal cells. These abnormal cells are called malignant cells. Malignant cells do not correspond with brain function nor with our own DNA memory code. Therefore, malignant cells grow indefinitely and without order. This is cancer. As you can see, he is describing, from a different point of view, the process by which low oxygen levels turn some cells cancerous. Alkaline water (including the water in cells) holds a lot of oxygen. Acidic water holds very little oxygen. So the more acidic your cells are, the less oxygenated they will be. To make matters worse, the fermentation process cancer cells use to produce energy creates lactic acid, further increasing acidity and reducing oxygen levels. Sang Whang, in his book Reverse Aging, points out that toxins are acidic. If your blood is too acidic, toxins will not be released from your cells into the blood. So your cells can’t be detoxified. This buildup of toxins in your cells results in acidic, poorly oxygenated cells, which can turn cancerous. He explains, “In general, degenerative diseases are the result of acid waste buildups within us. When we are born, we have the highest alkaline mineral concentration and also the highest body pH. From that point on, the normal process of life is to gradually acidify. That is why these degenerative diseases do not occur when you are young. Reverse aging requires two separate steps: chemical and physical. The first step is to lower the acidity of the body so that it can dispose of acidic wastes in the blood and cellular fluids safely and easily. The second step is to physically pull out old stored wastes into the blood stream so that they can be discharged from the body”. There is a long history of reversing cancer simply by alkalinizing the body. It is one of the basic strategies in the battle against cancer and for improving your health in general. Everyone with cancer has low pH levels. Unfortunately, when someone has cancer, it is very difficult to raise pH levels quickly. Even taking large quantities of minerals and greens won’t work fast because cancer cells pump out lactic acid which creates even more acidity. It will always take months to normalize pH levels because as you start to improve them, the body releases stored up toxins which increases the acidity again.

    from http://www.waterCure.com
    My research revealed that unintentional dehydration produces stress, chronic pains and many degenerative diseases. Dry mouth is not the only sign of dehydration and waiting to get thirsty is wrong. Medicine has based its understanding that it is solid matter in the body that regulates all functions of the body. I have explained scientifically at the molecular level that it is water that regulates all functions of the body including functions of solid matter. 75 % of our bodies are composed of water. The brain is 85% water. It is water that energizes and activates the solid matter. If you don’t take enough water, some functions of the body will suffer. Dehydration produces system disturbances. When I use the word water cure, I am referring to curing dehydration with water.”

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