Q&A: Is spanking a healthy, natural cure for inappropriate behaviors or is it better to stick your child on a pill?

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Question by IfUsayso: Is spanking a healthy, natural cure for inappropriate behaviors or is it better to stick your child on a pill?
which literally kills their brain cells and claim that have ADD or ADHD and fry their brain?

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Answer by Tyler M
A pill? It’s a kid they will mature eventually, just teach them right from wrong

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5 Responses to “Q&A: Is spanking a healthy, natural cure for inappropriate behaviors or is it better to stick your child on a pill?”
  1. Hannibal says:

    I think you have had plenty of pudding I am just being your friend, well that and helping the people that are going to be stuck carring your fatt butt in the casket.

  2. e says:

    There’s different types of spanking. There’s spanking and there’s abuse. To use my dogs as an example- when my dog gets into the pantry and is trying to sneak some food away I give him a harsh word and a gentle tap on his nose. I get my point across that I am the dominant leader in the house while not causing any physical harm to him. I know when I was a kid getting spanked was a hell of a lot bigger deterrence from doing something stupid, then getting a “time out” kids do these days. As far as medication, they are designed for clinically diagnosed disorders whether it’s ADD or whatever. They can serve a specific role in helping control patterns of behavior, but as far as daily behavioral problems it comes from solid discipline, leadership and respect the child gets from the parents.

  3. April, Resident Witch says:

    How about neither? This is not an either or situation. Other things exist between hitting your kids and doping them up.

  4. dein_85 says:

    You shouldn’t put your child on medication unless they absolutely without a doubt in your mind (I mean no doubt, you are 100% sure of this) need it. And I mean need it. Those medications do much more than ‘control’ your child’s behavior, they harm their bodies. And the effects can be lasting.
    Certain disciplinary actions should be restricted for certain inappropriate behaviors. It’s up to you to decide when and where this line should be drawn, but overall a spanking (and I said spanking, which is a swat on the rear end with your hand, not an object over a clothed behind) should be a last resort measure. Other disciplinary measures should be taken before using a spanking.
    It depends on how old your child is, too. Time-outs are very effective on children who are between 3 and 5, but taking away privileges and personal items (ipod, xbox, whatever they have that they value), should be restricted to older children.
    A lot of people now do not agree with spanking your children. However, many people do not see the difference between a disciplinary action and abuse. There is a difference in the intention. A spanking as a form of discipline is a means to correct behavior. Abuse is a means to intimidate and harm. As a person who was abused as a child I do know the difference in this, so please, bear with me. Spanking is not harmful if done correctly. You do not inflict any amount of pain whatsoever in a spanking. That is not the purpose.

  5. jnjmommy says:


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