Premature Ejaculation – Is there a natural cure that really works?

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Question by Igaryok: Premature Ejaculation – Is there a natural cure that really works?
I have been suffering from premature ejaculation all my life. I tried many products but they just don’t work. Has anyone found a natural way to cure this? I’m just too skeptical by now to buy any more junk.

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Answer by John Taron

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3 Responses to “Premature Ejaculation – Is there a natural cure that really works?”
  1. yankeesrun says:

    had the same problem right before u jizz stop count to ten slowly…do this 5 times it feels so much better and ull start seeing results w/in a week!

  2. Darryl Rogers says:

    If you just recently started experiencing premature ejaculation, then its psychologically caused

    if it was physical, you would have experienced it since your first time

    either way, ejaculation control exercises can get your sexual stamina back up

  3. Jon Vegga says:

    I had the same problem as you. I also tried pills, creams, spays and a bunch of other junk.
    About a year ago I came across an e-book called the Ejaculation Trainer.
    It explains in great detail the different causes of PE and offers techniques and exercises to overcome them.

    It helped me quite a bit and I actually created a review site for it explaining my personal experience.
    You can check it out here:

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