Natural cure for kitten with worms?

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natural cure
by Will Merydith

Question by glitterybunnies: Natural cure for kitten with worms?
I am looking for a natural cure for a kitten (about 4 weeks old) that has worms.

Don’t say take it to the vet…This is about a NATURAL cure.

I am not opposed to essential oils or herbs or good old fashioned home remedies. Let me know what has worked for you…


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Answer by sloppyjakekisses
I would just get the Drontal (less than .00) at the vet clinic. My best friend tried to deal with worms using “natural” treatments and nothing worked. She had hoped that one of the natural cures would work, and gave up.

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6 Responses to “Natural cure for kitten with worms?”
  1. keezymama says:

    Don’t know about kittens but for my dogs I use
    Black Walnut tincture, Fresh ground cloves, and chopped wormwood.
    You could do some research and see it these are also safe for cats.

  2. nursecracker says:

    there is no natural cure for a parasite infestation, unless you buy already prepared products, which you might find on line… regardless, they probably contain some non-natural ingredients, as well… you can do a web search for NATURAL REMEDIES FOR CAT WORMS.

    parasites compete for nutrients in the animal’s body and can take the health right from that kitten…. it’s best to have it wormed at the vet’s office.. they can check with a microscope to see what specific types of worms your cat has… one remedy doesn’t always work for all worm types, specifically Whipworms and Hookworms,(hooks can be passed to humans.)

    The latter types of worms attache to their intensines and gradually suck the life out of the animal.

    if you keep your pet indoors, there should be little reason to have it wormed in the future…

    the cat needs its immunizations, also. at least their first two sets of shots… you don’t know what the cat was exposed to before you got it….

    even if it’s nice to use natural remedies, sometimes they don’t always work best…

  3. Valerie C says:

    Okay, kiddo…I run a kitten rescue. I sometimes get kittens from the Humane Society that are just hours old. I have to feed them with a tiny dropper and then a tiny bottle. I know exactly what I am talking about, so please, please listen. KITTENS ARE VERY, VERY DELICATE. They can die in half a day if you just manhandle them a little. And you can kill them within a half hour if you give them something to eat or drink that they can’t handle. HEAR THIS: THEY CANNOT HANDLE “ESSENTIAL OILS OR HERBS.” Taking a kitten to the vet is the best thing of all to do. Natural remedies can be dangerous and most often do not work. A 4-week-old kitten is WAY too young to be de-wormed; please take her to a vet to get looked at and get tried and true advice. These doctors went to school for 12 freaking years, I think they know a whole lot more than some “essential oils” quack.

    If I hear about you giving that poor kitten any kind of “essential oil,” or whatever, I will hunt you down like the booger that you are and PICK YOU!!!!

  4. Pam and Corey says:

    Valerie C is right. Many essential oils that are safe for humans — and even dogs — are DEADLY to cats.

    Worms and other parasites are not just a pet health issue, they are a HUMAN health issue, because they can be transmitted from your pets to you and members of your family. Responsible pet caregivers routinely deworm their animals. Deworming is safe for kittens as young as 2 weeks old, if necessary, according to Dr. Susan Little, President of the WINN Feline Foundation.

    I deworm all of my kittens every two weeks from weaning on, even though I’ve never seen worms. Its simply the safe thing to do.

  5. Nato says:

    Tobacco break open a cig or some chew a little pinch put it in a treat or wet cat food for three or so days once a day and it should go away thats how i got ride of my kittens worms.

  6. Patty O says:

    Will you be using natural remedies for other things besides this worm problem? If so, may I suggest the book “Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats”. I got my copy on eBay for just a few dollars.

    It has several pages of treatments for worms in young animals, slightly different for each type of worm (tapeworm, round worm and hookworm). Do you know which worm your kitten has? If so, I will give you the list of remedies.

    I have not used the the information for the treatment of worms. I purchased the book for recipes and natural treatment options for my cat with chronic renal failure. The info on that was wonderful and I used some of the things to help ease the symptoms of CRF and made her final days easier.

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