Is there any natural cure for colon cancer?

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by amy_kearns

Question by cass2630: Is there any natural cure for colon cancer?
My Mother has has colon cancer for about 3 years now & the chemotherapy was never helping her. About a month ago I found out that the cancer has spread in the lungs and breasts, she also has Internal bleeding. I hear that there are natural cures that the doctors do not speak of, but I really need help because she is dying. My question is, do anyone know of any natural medicines for cancer that could help my Mother?

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Answer by Mindy M
I know of a natural product that is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference as “anti-tumor” with “no adverse side effects”.

I can’t say that it cures cancer, But, if I were diagnosed, this is the recipe I would follow:

1 Bottle of Tahitian Noni Juice per day for 4 days.
1/2 Bottle of Tahitian Noni Juice per day for 4 days.
Then 4-6oz per day for 1 year.

Worst Case Scenario? It would make her feel better through DR’s treatment.

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8 Responses to “Is there any natural cure for colon cancer?”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    i never heard of a sure thing. I know a lot of people swear by kombucha tea that you can buy at the health food stores. It’s always worth a try. I hope all the best.

    Prayers never fail to guide us!

  2. bfhwm50 says:


  3. inverse_mushroom_cloud says:

    About the best chance she might have is becoming part of a clinical trial for a new treatment. You should ask her oncologist if there are any in which she might participate. There could be a medicine that could help her … but even if not, she could be helping future generations fight the disease by helping bring tomorrow’s treatments to market.

  4. Rum Stem says:

    You may not want to hear this, but honestly if she has colon, lung, and breast cancer AND internal bleeding- she is going to die, and VERY soon. Spend time with and enjoy the time you have. There will be no miracles, I am sorry.

    Lost my grandfather to cancer a couple months ago.

  5. littleshrieker says:

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  6. S©O®P1AN says:

    go to, do some serious research, also your mother should consult a colon hydrotherapist, and have colonics.

    Read ‘Cancer is a Fungus’ by Dr. Simoncini, also consider Gerson Therapy.

  7. Fact Guy says:

    Unfortunately, chemotherapy doesn’t always cure it, and a “cure” is dependent on how quickly it is diagnosed. Since it has metastasized to other critical areas, I would say her chances of survival are minimal,and you probably don’t have much time left. Spend time with her now, and maintain her comfort. When people say that there are “natural cures that the doctors do not speak of”, they are lying, and trying to sell you something like a book or an actual product. Typically its a book, because even though its a lie, it is protected by free speech. Whereas, if someone was selling an actual remedy and saying that it cures cancer, they would be sued for making false and dangerous medical claims. I can’t think of any reason that a doctor would want to suppress information about a cure for anything. If there as a cure, what would prevent a company from selling it and making billions of dollars? Keep in mind that many drugs started out as “natural” ingredients found in plants. Then researchers isolate the chemical, purify it, study the effect it has in the body, and determine a safe and effective range of doses. So the notion that companies can’t sell something that’s natural is simply wrong. Bottom line, I understand your desire to find the mythical hidden cure, but it doesn’t exist. Treatments are getting more promising, but they are all dependent on how much the cancer has progressed. There will likely never be a “cure” for cancer, unless you mean early diagnosis and treatment by genetic means to prevent the cancer gene from activating in the first place. But in your mom’s case, there isn’t much that can be done. I’m sorry to tell yout this, and I empathize with your situation.

  8. david says:

    You are lucky.

    chi kung can cure cancer without pain and medicine.Visit to find why

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