Is there any natural cure for a fat deposit lump on my dog’s stomach?

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by Mr eNil

Question by chopra_jyoti: Is there any natural cure for a fat deposit lump on my dog’s stomach?
My 12 year old english cocker spaniel has a fat deposit lump on her stomach.The vet says such lumps can burst and would like to operate.Is there any home remedy for this so that surgery can be avoided?

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Answer by drezdogge
not to my knowledge but as an aside i see lots and lots of cockers with fatty lumps who live years and years with them and they dont burst

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8 Responses to “Is there any natural cure for a fat deposit lump on my dog’s stomach?”
  1. DP says:

    I have never seen fat tumors burst.. I can’t imagine at 12 she is active enough to get it caught on something. I wouldn’t do surgery on a 12 year old dog, the surgery itself is likely to kill her.

    Give her applecider vinegar in her drinking water.. About a tablespoon. It takes a bit to get them used to it, but they will and will eventually like it over plain water.

  2. Redawg J says:

    Spaniels are notorious for these fatty lumps…but there is no cure for them. I feel that if the lump is not interfering with the dogs activities…like walking and laying down, I would not do the surgery…because the risk of death from surgery when your dog is that old is too high. I have worked with dogs for years and have NEVER heard of a fatty deposit bursting…I think you should get another opinion. It seems this vet is just trying to make money off of you!

  3. tlctreecare says:

    No these need to be removed surgically that is the only way to remove one. It is very safe and easy to do. They only open the skin and remove the lump it does not go deep into the tissue only on the surface and dogs are fine afterwards.
    Many people do not have them removed off the dog. Sometimes they come back or the dogs gets more lumps.

  4. happycamper says:

    Has she always had this fat deposit? For some reason I think what you could be discussing is fatty tissue that is on the exterior of where her umbilical hernia was and her hernia has sealed up. If it is located exactly where her navel should be,and it has always been there than that is most likely what it is. If there is no opening in the abdominal wall any longer you really don’t need to worry about it. If I am not right than ignore what I said as it does not apply to a tumor.

  5. pebogirl says:

    If they do not put her under, and just give a local anesthetic, then get it done, if it bothers him/her. In people that is how it is done, and when it is taken out it looks like chicken fat.

  6. Erin says:

    This fatty tumor, called a lipoma, is not threatening at all. Usually a vet likes to remove them for cosmetic purposes, unless they become too large and then can be uncomfortable to the pet. I have never heard of nor seen one burst. Lipomas are very common in cockers, as well as some other breeds, but can occur in any breed of dog. Considering your dog’s age, I wouldn’t anesthetize her just to have that removed. Maybe if in the near future you get her teeth cleaned or she has to be sedated for something else, then that would be a good time to consider taking those off as well.

  7. dragon_wolf_999 says:

    my dog lived to 16 with fat lumps…that the 1st was found when he was bout 7-8 vet said to let them be…just watch and make sure they don’t grow fast…he got 2 more small ones and a calcium deposit on his ribs. i agree that at 12 surgery could be risky…i would get another oppion…

  8. birdgirl says:

    fatty growths or lipomas are usually harmless. Many dogs get them as they age, and unless the lump is obstucting the dogs movement or is very large and is causing some problem, they can be left alone. I have never heard of a lipoma bursting. Cysts can burst however. I think you should get a 2nd opinion and see what a different vet thinks.

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