Is there any good natural cure to reduce high cholesterol?

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Question by KayJay: Is there any good natural cure to reduce high cholesterol?
I have high LDL, VLDL and total cholesterol. Are there any great natural cure available to reduce all this?

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Answer by Mike M
I would bet the answer to both of those questions is


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7 Responses to “Is there any good natural cure to reduce high cholesterol?”
  1. a guy says:

    I’m on crestor big time and it doesn’t help. I’m going to (I hope I spell it rightHolistic dortor in a few weeks Ill post what I find out.

    My cholesterol 759

  2. Angela C says:

    try taking flaxseed capsules, I have great cholesterol levels and I take two of those everyday.

  3. doc_of_three says:

    no there are no natural cures for high cholesterol. diet and liver metobolism both contribute to cholesterol levels and ratios. high ldl is bad as is low hdl. the best treatment are statins lipitor and crestor. good natural methods include low fat diet (trans fat) antioxidant rich foods like nuts, grape juice low level wine, oatmeal and exercise.

  4. mknox59 says:

    Hi! I have a doctor that understands my reluctance to take statins. He recommends Chitosan ( a type of fiber ) and Red Rice Bran as well as Flax seed. These things are all easily available and relatively cheap. They don’t have nasty side affects like statins do… It’s worth a try!!

  5. cowabunga mama says:

    You need to be careful of taking red rice bran or red rice yeast. They can raise your liver enzymes just like statin drugs can (NOT a good thing). If your cholesterol isn’t very high, you can lower it by losing wt. if your are overweight, exercising more, and eating a high fiber, low fat diet, lots of fruits and vegetables. Despite the dr. saying you can’t cure it this way, you can. I’ve done it. And I”ve done it on the recommendation of my own cardiologist and a cardiac dietitian.

  6. Butt says:

    If possible , use Imli, aalo bakhara. I hope you know the names. These will reduce it natuarally. Patience is required.

  7. FOKSYSLOH says:

    Hi i was having that pblm sometime ago and after taking this product over a period of 60days my bad cholestrol level have gone done, may be you might want to try this as it is much better then taking drugs and chemicals in to our body systems
    The product is called Bios Life from USA

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