Is there a natural cure for Premature Ejaculation?

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by Rjabinnik and Rounien

Question by Johnnie J: Is there a natural cure for Premature Ejaculation?
I have seen numerous commericals promoting pills that will cure P.E., but have seen numerous websites saying that pills will not help. I’m hoping there is a natural cure.

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Answer by Joe C
There is no such thing and this is a myth. Your body is performing NORMALLY, and extending the normal into the unnatural is a misguided notion based upon selfishness, an overindulgence in pleasure, or some other silly misguided liberal belief.

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6 Responses to “Is there a natural cure for Premature Ejaculation?”
  1. moiz k says:

    if u want information Premature Ejaculation more informatiuon

  2. Kaneadsha J says:

    I don’t know all I can say is when I have experienced this with my guy friend it is when we have not had sex in a while and he ejaculated prematurely

  3. AngelEyes says:

    Yes, there is…the natural “cure” is to be interested enough in how much you are bringing pleasure to the woman, to forget about your own pleasures a little—long enough to know you are giving it to her. Then, TALK TO HER ABOUT IT…when she returns the favour…THEN, you will have an ejaculation,,,but not prematurely.
    Have you been thinking only of yourself during sex all this time? Perhaps it’s time you started thinking of her! It’s really amazing how once you turn your thoughts TO another, you then BEGIN to GAIN pleasure yourself!
    TRY IT…what’ve you got to lose? and as you said, it’s natural.

  4. searay092003 says:

    is this a problem with or without condoms. you can try wearing a condom, try a thicker condom. try ejaculating so that you have an orgasm during foreplay and then have sex 10 or 15 minutes later. What are you considering PE the average male only lasts like 3-7 minutes of continuous sex. Keep changing positions. There are no natural cures. you can try creams that have a numbing effect for less sensitivity. practice makes perfect.

  5. Sloan says:

    Premature ejaculation is a result of a weak muscle control…
    the man cannot prolong the plateu stage of sex that is why he ejaculates easily (sometimes less that a minute of sex)

    the Puboccoxygeal muscle is the one responsible to have a better muscle control to prevent premature ejaculation

    it is the musle we use when we try to close our anus, or when we end urination (peeing)…
    now, what you have to do is strengthen that muscle, to prevent premature ejaculation..

    contracting this muscle is the only way you can do to strengthen can check if you are doing it correctly if when you try to close you anus…your penis will move up (but not necessarily erect)
    another way of strengthening it is withholding your urine when you pee..its like you stop peeing, and then start again…
    contracting that muscle until your done in urinating….and you have withheld it at least 10 times…

    you can do that anywhere you are..even when driving, or just siiting in a chair or anywhere you are comfortable..
    and i tell you, its the most effective, and natural cure for premature ejaculation..


  6. Thomas C says:

    You can stop premature ejaculation by natural exercise easily , read , Christian Gudnasons’ book, The Ejaculation Master book, , this guy grantees you ways that will help you have much longer sex , its just basically a few professional exercises that strengthen you ejaculation system in a few days
    Hope this helps

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