Is there a natural cure for menstrual cramps?

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Question by Orange Moon: Is there a natural cure for menstrual cramps?
What causes menstrual cramps?

How can you cure menstrual cramps with things form nature?

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Answer by niquesarah
well i dont think there is a natural cure but u could get sum medicine or sumthing like that

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3 Responses to “Is there a natural cure for menstrual cramps?”
  1. purpleflash2000 says:

    Yes, it is called evening primrose oil and you can take it in pill form, it says it is all natural and it works for me. I hope you can find some if you want and that it helps out!

  2. angel20072002 says:

    People have been unable to identify a single cause of PMS. Theories range from hormonal and chemical to nutritional and psychological. Women whose mother or sisters have PMS are more likely to have it, so there may be a genetic component. A combination of genetic, physiological, and environmental causes are likely. Making dietary adjustments starting about 14 days before a period may help some women with certain mild menstrual disorders, such as cramping.
    Good luck with that. I used to have them too. However my mother told me that they get better afyter you have a baby. I am not sure about that. I am pregnant. Please don’t take the advices too closely to heart. i am not saying get pregnant, every woman is different. Try drinking chamomile tea. It relaxes the muscles and take a hot bath, as hot as you can stand it, but not for too long or you might pass out.
    Good Luck, we all go through that stuff.

  3. adammcmahon_rn says:

    the only cure i know is menopause; but i’m a guy, i dont know squat about women.

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