is there a natural cure for ear infections and blockage?

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Question by 2 Happily Married Americans: is there a natural cure for ear infections and blockage?
i get recurrent ear infections from allergies, and it affects my hearing and causes dizziness. is there anything natural i can do for this, or do i have to keep doing the doctor thing and taking antibiotics?
I did do ear candles before, and they helped some. It was a very relaxing experience too.

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Answer by lindzoid3
ear candles, make sure you have a friend help you. They make your ears feel 100% better after doing it and it is soothing feeling. The candles remove the wax from deep within the ear canal which a q tip can’t get to. Find them at local health food stores or vitamin shops.

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  1. KU FAN! says:

    if you go to one of those natural healing doctors.

  2. Archi J says:

    I suggest you to take long term medicines t o control your allergy so that it doesn’t affect your ear.

    Allergy to some extent can be controlled–
    Avoidance is best treatment for allergy thing which is usually not given importance.
    Thorough and regular cleaning of house keeps it dust and mold free.Carpet can be replaced by hard surface like hard-wood or linoleum,if not then effective vacuum cleaning is sufficient.Avoid cluttering the room
    keep home cool with low humidity and proper ventilation.

    You should visit the site for further help

    You can see the site for alternative medicines

  3. Help For Sinus Infection says:

    It appears to me that your allergies have turned into a chronic sinus infection because your ears are always clogged up.

    Abnormal mucus production within the eustachian tubes and the mucosal lining near the openings of the eustachian tubes are causing the problems you are facing.

    Read more about eustachian tube dysfunction and sinus infection at:

    Read up also on home remedies for sinus infection at:

    Hope this helps you as it did me.

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