Is their a natural cure for all mental Illnesses?

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natural cure
by eyewash

Question by crazygirl: Is their a natural cure for all mental Illnesses?
A friend of mine in that area of work told me that.

Cheers for answers.
I know a person that was cured through Yoga.

So that is why I am asking?
My Friend had schizophrenia but found a cure through Yoga, green tea, logic and Love.

They are not lying about it.

Best answer:

Answer by James
no of course not

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6 Responses to “Is their a natural cure for all mental Illnesses?”
  1. leesy says:

    talking it out should be natural

  2. Aq says:

    Yoga, Tai chi, Meditation these are all cures for mental illnessess. But take care to learn them from experts. Alternatively you can try Relaxation therephy, Hypnotherepy etc etc.

  3. Haunted says:

    Umm nope. I would be rich if that was the case.

  4. Saitaina says:

    No. Because there is no cure for ANY mental illness.

    St. John’s wart is considered helpful by some for depression, and other herbs are used to treat other illnesses, but the best treatment is still medical (drugs, therepy, etc).

    Also, many ‘natural remedies’ can harm someone, especially someone suffering from a mental illness. Not only by poisioning, but by simply screwing with an already mis-wired brain. The chances are lessened with FDA approved medication and proper medical supervision.

  5. mary says:

    Are you talking about natural as in a herbal pill of some kind?

    If so there are plenty on the market, ST Johns wart is one.

    But personally I think people have become too stuck on the whole ‘illness’ side of mental illness.
    It is a problem that is in the mind essentialy (hence the word mental) so if you are determined and commited you can talk yourself through it.

  6. Kyra says:

    No mental illness can really be “cured” at present. People can recover/manage their symptoms though.

    Talking therapies like CBT are very effective in treating a lot of mental health problems, they could be classed as a “natural” treatment. Things like excercising, eating a balanced, healthy diet also help many mental illness. They can make up part of the solution rather than being a cure on their own.

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