Inexpensive and Safe Colon Cleansers Available at More Than Alive

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Inexpensive and Safe Colon Cleansers Available at More Than Alive
“One of the chief causes of serious health problems is constipation,” says Joy Robles, co-founder of “Constipation not only causes digestive problems but also serious health issues such as colon cancer.” After studying this problem, now offers inexpensive and safe colon cleansers.Linden, TN (PRWEB) June 30, 2011 “One of the chief causes of serious health …
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Summer Health Advice from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
The summer is a great season for getting in shape. Whether by playing a sport, doing an aerobic exercise routine, or just returning to that familiar running path — this is the time for activity.
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Warm springs guide
If Franklin D. Roosevelt had been surgeon general instead of president, your doctor might prescribe more trips to warm springs and fewer of those pills you see in the commercials. Wouldn’t that be nice? The paralyzed president famously founded a warm-springs treatment center in Warm Springs, Georgia, mostly for fellow polio sufferers. It provoked a short-lived craze that died out in the 1940s.
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Theater Review: Shakespeare in the Park, Twice Over (Plus Once in Greenwich)
John Cullum, André Holland and Annie Parisse with the company of All’s Well That Ends Well. Is there anything more glorious than an outdoor wedding in summertime? The bride blushing (and scheming and strategizing), the clueless horndog groom elaborately entrapped, and some fickle authority figure hovering over it all, hurling lightning bolts of moral censure at sexual chaos. Ah, marriage! It’s …
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