Does anyone know a real natural cure for depression?

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natural cure
by Will Merydith

Question by Harold: Does anyone know a real natural cure for depression?
I have been battling depression for many years and it always seems to come back. I hate drugs and I would like to find a way to completely overcome it, whether it is an ongoing procedure I have to do or a one time miracle cure. All answers are appreciated.

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Answer by duster
take niacinamide 250mg. a day also vitamin D-3 and a B complex vitamin daily , they perscribe the herb St. Johns Wort in Europe these things worked 4 me

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6 Responses to “Does anyone know a real natural cure for depression?”
  1. dbobo says:

    according to some “studies” nothing beats exercise.
    hope that helps

  2. Mr E says:

    depression is often caused by thyroid dysfunction. the cause of the thyroid dysfunction is often nerve interference, resulting from a subluxated atlas vertebra. see an hio method/upper cervical specific chiropractor.

  3. Chicago Mike says:

    Some supplements that you could try would be:


    Fish Oil / Omega 3 supplements

    Vitamin D3

    Ginkgo Biloba

    I have provided some additional links that I hope you find beneficial.

  4. skylark says:

    Hey Harold,

    I just answered someone on how to get out of depression. I am going to paste the same answer here. But let me tell you, I came out of my severe depression all through natural techniques. I’ll give you some tips here: Try to do each one of them and stick to them for a while (at least 6 months). In my opinion, you’ll definitely come out of your depression if you are steadfast. If you just decide to do 1 or 2 things you might see some difference but the real magic happens when you do every one of them and regularly.

    You can do everything that needs to be done to get rid of your depression and get your energy levels up at the same time. I have suffered from depression in the past and it slowly robbed my life of all the fun that was in it. Initially I just wanted to cover the other symptoms (like tiredness) and sought medication for that. Things helped here and there but nothing worked till I decided to work on my depression (all the while I was under the impression that it couldn’t be helped and that I’d be out of it when my life situation improves but that was not to be).

    So first things first. I’d suggest you to stay away from prescription depression medicines. They do more damage to your body that good. If you are unsure please google ‘depression drugs side effects’, ‘depression drugs dangers’ etc.

    I can go on talking about it for hours but can’t type that much right now, so I’ll briefly tell you some of the things you can do. These will help your depression as well as energy levels.

    1) First and foremost, deal with the issue that is causing you depression. If it is a breakup, find ways of moving on or reconciliation (if the relationship deserves it). If it some kind of financial problem or such, get advice from people who have sound financial knowledge and get to a plan. So yes, I guess you get the drift. Don’t be shy of asking for help from friends or professional counseling.

    2) Make sure to get very good sleep. Sleep before it is midnight (preferably around 10pm) and get a full night’s sleep. Everyday. Sleep is often a problem for people suffering from depression. If it is for you too, then work on it. One thing that a lot of reading won’t tell you about sleep problems is this simple step: Get up daily early and go out and get some sun rays and let your feet touch bare ground for 15-20 minutes at least. In the evenings try and spend some time in the open. It will be good if you can get some moonlight and breeze too. Other steps for improving sleep include natural herbs like chamomile or valerian teas but you should consult a herbalist before you decide on the dose and duration. Don’t over dose on any sleep stuff, be in natural or not.

    3) Drink lots of water. I hope you don’t find this one funny :). 2-4 US quarts should be a good amount daily.

    4) Exercise! You should aim at at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. Walking, jogging, treadmill whatever suits you. If possible, try to get a stretching program or a good Yoga program. Start slowly and improve from there.

    5) There are natural herbs for depression too. St.John’s Wort (Hypericum) is one such herb that helps a good deal for people suffering from low to moderate depression. There are other alternatives, look them up on the net. But don’t self-prescribe. Go to a herbalist.

    6) I generally don’t like supplements but there is one that you can look at: SAMe. Look it up on the net. Cod liver oil is good too. Some others have suggested some herbs/supplements. Read them up. Don’t clutter yourself with supplements throughout the day. Stick to 2-3 of the most promising ones.

    7) Definitely not the least: Get some relaxation music that you can play everyday in your house, before you go to sleep. I know most people will think this isn’t as important but as far as I am concerned this played a surprisingly big role in my recovery. If you are ready to invest a little more money on a product that can help: look for “brainwave entrainment CDs”. “Project Meditation” or Holosync, both are good ones though the latter is expensive.

    8) Modify your diet to make it healthy with natural foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients. Try a bit of Maca/’Cacao powder if you want to. Both help your energy levels. Green leafy stuff, lots of good fiber and fruits and veggies, B vitamins.

    I guess that should help you. Just one thing: whatever it is, know that one day you’ll probably look back and smile and think “Wasn’t I crazy to be depressed about that?”. I hope you will.

    Get out of your depressing thoughts, leave the shackles behind and reshape your life. We are all meant to be happy. Let’s be. I wish you peace and good health and a good future. All the best.

  5. SabineM says:

    A healthy diet of fruits , vegetables, whole grains , low fat meats and I also gave up dairy products because they contain Vitamin A added which is a toxic vitamin I also started taking a multi-enzyme from GNC and that stopped the depression that I have been suffering for most of my life. There are also many useful self-help articles online. Check and read for more information. I’ve posted one below.

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