Does anyone know a natural cure for coughing and congestion?

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Question by dianesumler: Does anyone know a natural cure for coughing and congestion?
I have been coughing my head off for 3 weeks now since the weather changed. I don’t like to take regular medications, but have resorted to Theraflu for relief. I drink warm salt water too…that helps.

Anyone know of anything else natural that would help?

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Answer by TAS28
Use a netty pot. Or use saline spray when you wake up and before you go to bed to get rid of allergens. Wash your hair before you go to bed to get pollen out of your hair so it does not get on your pillow. Euclayptus in a humidifer at night to open you up. A teaspoon of local honey everyday. These will help allergies but will not cure a cold.

Best of luck

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17 Responses to “Does anyone know a natural cure for coughing and congestion?”
  1. chonnie says:

    i would say anything warm and liquid. tea, hot soup, anything along those lines. i actually use theraflu myself

  2. Natassia (the real one) says:

    It depends on the nature of your coughing and congestion.

    There are homeopathic remedies available to help with symptoms…but if you have a bacterial or viral infection, they will not cure it.

    If you increase your fluid intake that can help thin your mucous.

    Humidifiers can also help.

    Allergies can be helped homeopathically….but not cured. Antihistamines are one of the best ways to deal with allergies…but they are not “natural.”

    You may have a sinus infection…especially if the mucous is green and smelly. Either your body will have to get rid of it on its own…which can be lengthy and leave lasting consequences, or you will need antibiotics.

  3. ? says:

    Here are some suggestions. Use one of your favorite lotions and mix it with some Cheyenne pepper. Rub it on your chest. It will heat up and loosen the congestion. It also works well as a sore muscle rub. Make some of your favorite tea and mix Honey and Lemon with it and this will soothe your throat. I use the Celestial Seasons Cold Care Tea or Wellness tea with eccinecia in it because it boosts your immune system and has other herbs that help some of your symptoms. I hope this helps you…..God bless

  4. ♥ ♥Miss Fiesty. ♥ ♥ says:

    Awww im sorry your sick..i have had it going on 2 months now coughing etc!!! but hope this helps hun.

  5. Joy says:

    Someone recently told me that boiling ginger is helpful for getting rid of germs in the air. Might give it a shot! She said it really helped her. She was getting sick and she boiled some ginger and she got better.

    Lord Jesus, please help Diane to feel better right now in Jesus name.

  6. Dr Vijay P says:

    yes u can take tulsi extract for two times a day with two to foure dates per day . along with a boiled egg . with white glossy stuff only

  7. Sean B says:

    One old remedy that is supposed to work, and has been recommended by some Doctors, is to mix a little honey and/or lemon juice with whiskey. Of course if you’re a non-drinker, that’s not an option, but it’s the only one that comes to mind.

  8. unix says:

    honey and lemon,( with a bit of ginger, just a tiny bit if you can handle it). or honey and virgin olive oil to soothe the throat.

    suppliments: Zinc, cod liver oil and vit c suppliments…. echinacia too

  9. RescuedByTheLamb says:

    I have to ask if this is a seasonal thing with you. It could be allergies and/or asthma. That’s how mine started out.

    For cough: Mix honey and vinegar. The honey coats the throat and vinegar will cut through gunk. Make it with a little more honey than vinegar.

    For chest congestion: 1) You can use vaporizers. 2) Vicks rubbed on your chest and back … wear a thick T-shirt and stay in bed covered up. Do at bedtime for maximum benefit. It will make you sweat it out.

    For nasal congestion: 1) Nasal Rinse by NeilMed. My pulmonary doctor recommended it to me. It has done wonders for me. Get the Nasal Rinse not the Net Pot. The Nasal Rinse has a little more force (you control) with it whereas the Net Pot just pours in … no force at all. The packets you pour in the bottle come in two different strengths. 2) Rub a little Vicks under your nose too.

    These are all old home remedies my grandmother used to use on me except for the Nasal Rinse.

    Praying for a quick recovery for you … hugs

  10. howdy dudey says:

    Indeed I can. It is called Intensyme Forte. It is a supplement and comes in pill form. You have to flood your system, and take 10 the first time, I suggest you do it at night. Then you take two morning and night on an empty stomach.

    I was coughing for 2 weeks, had congestion, phlem, the works. A friend who is a nutritional therapist told me to use it. I took it at night right before I went to sleep and didn’t cough at all that night, or the next day. I stopped taking it after 2 days and was good to go, no more coughing.

  11. Jana11 says:

    DRINKING warm salt water is dangerous. Don’t do that…gargling is one thing…sheesh. If you want relief from a “dry” cough then get a humidifier and place it next to the bed with some metholatum rub like Vicks. If its a wet productive cough it could be indicative of a minor upper respratory infection with a low grade fever you may not be aware of that you have. It usually takes a pretty ramped up fever to knock this stuff out but adults sometimes don’t get them so sit in a steamy shower…as hot as you can take it…twice a day. Stay warm, drink warm liquids like soup, broth, teas, etc…mint and chamomile would be good. Don’t take any fever reducers like tylonol or motrin. Most people extend their cold symptoms because few people realize that the symptoms are what your body is doing to fight the infection. You want a temp, you want the chills, you want to be congested and coughing, sneezing, watery eyes and yes, even a good bout of diarhea or vomiting. Its when these symptoms are prolonged or go haywire that we want to worry but the first two or three days of an illness…if your temp isn’t over 102. then don’t take anything for it. Just drink fluids and sleep. You can also take some cough drops…N’ice are the best cuz they still permit your symptoms while allowing you to feel a little soothed. Its better to suffer alot for 2 or 3 days then have mild symptoms for 3 weeks. I’ve learned this and so I don’t take anything unless I am truely feverish and the diarhea or vomitting lasts more than 24 hours. Any kind of cramping or severe headache, sputum that is yellow or if you are seeing a yellow or scarlet streaks in your cheeks or torso then see a doctor immediately. more salt water risk saline amniocentesis or salt poisening. It can happen fast. If you need to drink something soothing try gateraide, tea, diluted orange juice or warm honey/lemon water. K. Hope you feel better. Hugs, ~J~

  12. Souls4Jesus says:

    Hot tea and lemon juice.
    Dress to sweat it out.
    Boil fresh ground ginger and tangerine rind, place a towel over your head, breath in the steam from the mixture for about 30 to 45 sec.
    Do these 3 to 5 times a day.
    Also, washing your hair before bedtime and your bed linens, will help.

    Dear Lord, please put your healing hands on this sickness.

  13. Glow wings says:

    You have some good answers here but, don’t forget the Vicks!
    I am 60 years old, have six kids and I swear by it! Along with the honey and lemon for the cough.

  14. Elanshaw says:

    Hot tea with honey.

    Chicken soup with a dash of hot sauce..

    The spice from the sauce helps clear the congestion.

    Vicks vapo rub if you have it..rub it on your chest..
    Get under your covers and sweat it out..

  15. Nathan W says:

    yesterday I was hacking up a lung so bad i almost vomited i felt like i was drowning and each day it had been getting worse. I made mashed potatoes from 1/4 cup coconut oil and ate them. It’s gotten better since then.
    coconut oil contains monolauren, it is a fat molecule which is smaller than the fats in other kinds of oils. It’s structure will dissolve the oil coating which protects viruses and bacteria, the viruses and bacteria in turn die. Seriously, try it, it works.

  16. Sue W. says:

    This is nasty tasting but it works. Juice of one Lemon, small jar of honey, and one small onion chopped finely. Pour the Lemon juice and honey over the chopped onion over night. Next morning strain through cheese cloth. Take one tablespoon as needed. If you think you may have bronchitis chop one small clove garlic instead of onion. Uch! but it does work. This recipe came from my great-grand mother from Kentucky.
    Drink ginger ale.

  17. Soft Heart says:

    1.Add salt to a glass of water and boil. Put the boiled water in a sterilized container and inhale the smoke.
    2.Take some cardamom seeds and place them on hot coal. Inhale the smoke.
    3.Tie some crushed carom seeds in a handkerchief. Either place this tied handkerchief under your pillow or keep it near your bed while sleeping.
    I hope u will recover soon :)))

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