Does anyone know a natural cure for bugs in your house?

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Question by wyldflwr34: Does anyone know a natural cure for bugs in your house?
I have centipedes, cockroaches, bees etc in my house. I have an extremely limited income and can not afford the price of an exterminator. Does anyone know anything else I can do to exterminate them from inside my house using natural household methods,…?
The centipedes I think, come thru my basement windows which are the old 1950 ones…I think. As for the cleanliness of my house, I am very clean and do not leave food unpackaged etc…. I carry on an extremely clean household. I’ve had this house for almost one year and the roaches I just saw about a month ago…and dont know why. the people next door to me are very dirty people. Could the roaches be traveling from next door to see what’s up with my place?

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Answer by trisha m
buy a cat

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11 Responses to “Does anyone know a natural cure for bugs in your house?”
  1. stephen s says:

    House Fire works

  2. purple18 says:

    clean your house from top to bottom.

  3. Sundra says:

    Boric Acid, its a powder and if you put it under your fridge and anywhere else that children can not get it, it works. Learned that from the Military.

  4. indignant_&_impervious says:

    I’ve heard something about orange peels. May want to look into that further.

  5. ♥ On says:

    I saw something on tv once about a large glass jar.. tilted slightly with coffee grounds inside. The bugs know there’s something in there.. because they can smell it so they climb in but can’t get out? maybe you could also grease the sides of the jar with butter or something oil.. so they can’t climb out. I saw it on the news once for bugs in and around the home. I’m sorry, now that I Read this it doesn’t seem very helpful.

  6. carpetao says:

    My recommendation is to catch spiders of appropriate size and release them in the house. Spiders eat bugs, bugs go away, spiders follow. You might do a bit of research to find out the best species to choose to bring in.

    If you’re an arachnaphobe, you’ll want to go with keeping as much food in your fridge as possible to reduce what there is for bugs to eat. Less food = fewer bugs.

    Finally, try to find and stop water leaks. Silverfish and cockroaches are attracted to water sources. Dripping faucets and open drains are attractents. Stop drips and cover open drains as much as possible to eliminate the little buggers’ water supply.

  7. jmvc1998 says:

    A cat works wonders. Also very fine talcum powder placed in cracks and crevices can stop some bugs. Bugs breath through their bodies and powder clogs them up. If you want to see them double sided sticky tape works well also. But the best way to get rid of bugs is to not have them in the first place so you should clean your house very well with ammonia to get rid of any sent trails left by the bugs and then place all foods in sealed containers and never leave dirty dishes in the sink or washer. also don’t leave any standing water if you can help it.

  8. David says:

    Boric acid is sold as an eye wash .U can get it @ any drug store.Mix 1 tbl spoon w/ 1 tbl spoon sugar or jelly. Put the mix under your sink near the pipe chases.This should take care of the roaches and any ants.roaches are tough u need to kill 95-97% of the nest.U might need to bring in a pro for them.The centipedes usually mean there is a water problem.Do any of your windows/roof leak? If so get rid of the h2o and get rid of the centipedes. the bees are going to need to walk thru the boric acid.Place the stuff near the path they take in and out of the nest. If they are in your walls/siding do not block the entrance cause they will find a way into your house.

  9. Annie babe says:

    Try diatamaceous earth, a natural substance that is not harmful to humans, pets or other animals. It can be sprinkled around the house, in the carpets and especially along the wall boards. You might also sprinkle around the outside foundation of your house since most of these critters are coming in from outside. Can be found at most garden centers or ordered on-line. Bay leaves will deter bugs from getting into your cupboards and drawers, but wll not kill them.

  10. randy h says:

    gieko lizard

  11. rk_king2004 says:

    Check out this guide on getting rid of bugs

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