Does anyone know a natural cure for bronchitis?

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natural cure
by Rjabinnik and Rounien

Question by Ms. Attitude: Does anyone know a natural cure for bronchitis?
does anyone know of a natural remedy for bronchitis, I’m tired of taking cough syrups with codine.
No medicines, over the counter or prescriptions. I need something that is natural

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Answer by dsfsd k
cough syrup is aweosme just drink more

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12 Responses to “Does anyone know a natural cure for bronchitis?”
  1. oceanlady580 says:


  2. Elaine F says:

    cold fix or drink hot boiling water with clover honey

  3. n317537 says:

    Try a cool mist vaporizer they are cheep and work better than most medications. You can sleep under it at night and by morning you will be able to tell a big difference. If you smoke quit for awhile. The worse thing you can do for bronchitis is dehydrate your lungs.

  4. HamTownGal says:

    If the cause is bacterial you will need an antibiotic. My stepmother has had it at least 25 times. What happens is, it usually starts with a virus, sinus infection drainage, etc. that settles in the bronchial tubes. Most people can expel it quickly, but others can’t. If the mucous stays in the tubes for too long, then bacteria will set in which causes major problems and can lead to pneumonia. Make sure you see either a good doctor or a pulmonary specialist who can pinpoint your problem, especially if you’re prone to getting it more than once or twice.

  5. Michelle G says:

    Tea has a substance in it (besides caffeine) that acts as a bronchodialator. It works for me.

    I have heard that taking up to 2000 mg of Vitamin C can be good for this as well, but I have not tested that one.

    Don’t eat any dairy products, because that just increases mucus production.

  6. tantum4 says:

    Try searching this website- Look under natural remedy.

  7. pelops_dl says:

    Antibiotics are a naturally occuring substance. They are made by various fungi and bacteria.

    Codeine is also a naturally occuring substance. It is one of many chemicals produced by the opium poppy (morphine being the another well known substance from that plant).

    If the bronchitis is caused by a bacterial infection then avoiding proper medical treatment can lead to pneumonia and death.

  8. sugars_that_heal says:

    You cannot make claims of a cure but, a natural way is to use glyconutrients.

    Read my page.

  9. says:

    I do not know an exact cure, but you should look up a herbalist in your area. I’ve had a lot of luck with using a herbalist for several health issues recently.

  10. Pussycat says:,,181042_183722,00.html
    garlic is the best. works in just a day or two. there are many search results if you type in garlic remedies.

  11. James says:

    Years ago i learned that the main reason why people get bronchitis is because they are deficient in vitamin A this vitamin has an anti infective properties and it covers the lungs protecting them from bacterial infection. Only the one that is made from cod liver oil is potent enough and Les toxic dosages twenty five thousand international units and higher dosages are use for bronchitis but for short periods of time not recommended for long period use it accumulates in the liver and some Cases of intoxication have been reported (by people that where eating bears liver they where consuming more than three hundred thousand international units a day)

  12. bettye198 says:

    go to it is the best raw botanical pure from the highest point of the Andes in the Amazon Rain forest. We are health practitioners and have used it and told our patients for over 10 yrs. Try the environzon and arcozan and illumination and recovazon. These are products that work.

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